My Chotovelli Watch is a Cousin of the Alfa Romeo

April 25, 2009 § 3 Comments

Alfa Romeo engines a thing of beauty

Alfa Romeo engines a thing of beauty

Have you ever felt the silent throbbing of a powerful Twin Spark engine of the Alfa Romeo in your wrist? I do. And mind you, it’s one of the closest thing there is for someone like me to an Alfa Romeo.

Alfa Romeos and Maseratis are two of the greatest race cars in the world. Ask Daniel Day-Lewis, the Oscar winning British actor and Sophia Loren who were spotted just recently driving an Alfa Romeo. Lindsay Lohan with her assistant just got caught speeding in an elegant Maserati. Lohan ‘s assistant smashed her new Maserati by hitting the rear end of a Subaru. Nothing serious though. Maseratis has this thing for serious smashups. It’s a thing of beauty, yet always crafted for safety.

Alfas and Maseratis are two of Torino Italy’s pride beauties. Besides the Shroud of Turin, Fiat’s auto plants are things of beauty which you’ll see in this quaint historical and cultural hub off the Piemonte region of Italy. Fiat’s heritage of making excellent, precision-tuned and elegant race cars for the car enthusiasts has attracted millions to see Torino.   

What people don’t know is that Torino has another cultural heritage to speak of—that of having the world’s best watchmakers in their town. Yes, big names in the watchmaking world call Torino their home. Alfredo Fagnola of Torino is one. Remy Battain, famous for his watch repairs, started in Torino at the age of 8. Absolut Glass Clocks, the most equisite time pieces in the world, calls Torino their home.

It was not the Swiss who invented time. Italians also got into the game as early as the 18th century.

I'm into racing now

I'm into racing now

Like Fiat’s Ferrari and Alfa Romeos, watches born and bred in Torino Italy bear the halmarks of fine Italian craftsmanship. Being the fashion center of the world, Italy’s watches are not just fashion beauties—they are creatures of precision. Like my watch, the Chotovelli E Figli.

Simone Chotovelli started as a watch repairman in the 1920’s. He passed his knowledge to his son, Yitchak who transformed his father’s enterprise into an empire. Now, Chotovellis are the rage in Europe known for its fine workmanship and unsurpassed style.

Bold and elegant–that’s how you’ll describe the Chotovelli. These timeless pieces of watch art have been inspired by the boldness, the elegance and the precision of gauges and speedometers done by the Fiat Group, including Lancia, Maserati and Alfa Romeo. (Look at my Chotovelli watch very closely—see that Twin Spark 7000 etched in its face? Look at the Alfa Romeo engine and what do you see?)

Why settle for the tick-tock when you can have a broom-broom experience wearing a Chotovelli?

My watch is a cousin of the Alfa Romeo. Cool!

My watch is a cousin of the Alfa Romeo. Cool!


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