Global Warming & The Arroyos

May 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

Earth heating up due to corruption

Earth heating up due to corruption

You know why we have typhoons in May? That’s because of global warming, says PAG-ASA. And do you know why global warming is turning from bad to worse? That’s because we don’t have trees anymore. Our virgin forests are fast disappearing. And why is that? We have a reforestation program, yes? What’s the problem?

Well, the problem is corruption. Yes, corruption. And it involves a presidential son, no less.

IMAGINE this, even seedlings are now being toyed by this presidential son. Mrs. Arroyo and her minions are raking billions of monies from illegal and legal activities. They are now cornering every single deal there is. Of course, the First Golfer dips his fat fingers into all operator-related activities there are right now but, for a presidential son to stir the broth further? That’s proof enough that corruption is now a family affair, instead of a Mom and Pop operation.

A seedling that cost 2.50 pesos now fetches 55 pesos each. Wow. Talk about 1,000 percent rate hike, that sure tops the US$ 320 million his father allegedly would get from a telecomms deal gone sour.

Infrastructure projects, which this family of greedy misfits already cornered, are estimated to be worth US$ 42.7 billion. Wow, that is sure to top even the Marcoses for greediness. And the palace of greed already admitted that most of these projects are now being controlled by two presidential sons and their lackeys. How many villas in Portugal do they expect to buy with US$ 42.7 billion? Do they also expect to buy retirement homes for their great-great-great-great-great-great grand children and their paramours?

The palace spokesman Cerge Remonde even justified this business by the Family by saying that it’s okey if the presidential sons and their lackeys corner every infra project for as long as there’s no corruption thru commission. Why, Mr. Remonde, are you deaf and blind? Anyway, I’m not entirely surprised since he’s just a peti functionary and he needs to toe the line otherwise, he’ll suffer a JLO.

So, if you’re feeling hot or you suddenly ask yourself why the hell we have typhoons in May, go ask Mikey and Dado Arroyo. Mikey wants every seedling at 55 pesos while Dado wants every single corner of Camarines Sur paved.

For those who are praying at the WPD right now to protect Jun Lozada—don’t. Prayers are for those who listen, not for those who already chose their eternal Fate to side with Beelshebub. What we have as government officials are demons in barongs. And demons deserve exorcisms not masses.


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