Pacquiao Greatest Boxer of the World

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Pacquiao versus Hatton

Pacquiao versus Hatton

As predicted by this site, Filipino boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao scored a phenomenal knockout win over British brawler Ricky Hatton.

The end came in the last 10 seconds of the second round of a 12 round fight. Philippine Daily Inquirer described it as “short, swift and merciless”. Boxing analysts around the world called it ” the greatest fight of the 21st century”. Bob Arum, noted promoter hailed Pacquiao as the “greatest fighter of the world” for his demolition of Hatton.

Like Oscar dela Hoya, whom Hatton and his trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. called a “run of the hill” boxer after being caught by the Pacquiao sting, is intending to retire after being caught by Pacquiao himself. Hatton was rushed to the hospital immediately after the referee called for a stoppage of the fight. In the video, Hatton had a hard time breathing after being caught by a stinging left from the Filipino boxer. Medics did first aid but it was not enough. It was not clear though if Hatton suffered a broken jaw.

The punch was so strong that it nearly broke Hatton’s jaw. It was also a precise punch since it landed right smack in the right face and jaw of the British brawler.

manny pacquiao versus ricky hatton

manny pacquiao versus ricky hatton

If you review the tape, you’ll notice that shortly after the opening of the first round, Pacquiao is simply too quick for Hatton. Pacquiao used every inch of the ring to his advantage. He danced ” like a butterfly and sting like a bee” to paraphrase the Great Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali. Hatton is simply too dumb and too traditional in his boxing style that he can’t keep up with the Filipino boxer.

And to think that Hatton, as what his handlers described him, is both a brawler and a tactical fighter. But, all of his skills disappeared the very second he engaged Pacquiao. Boxing fans thought that the fight would last until the sixth round but Pacquiao unleashed his bombs early that’s why Hatton was stung very early.

Also, if you look at Hatton’s physique, he’s a tad shorter and leaner than Pacquiao. Pacquiao is a killing machine and no one can stop him at this point. Not even, I think, the braggard Floyd Mayweather Jr. who said that the Pacman is a nobody. Mayweather Sr. trained Hatton for the Pacquiao and even in the Oscar dela Hoya fight and twice, lost to Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach Jr.  

So, what now for Pacquiao? Will it be retirement or politics? In a CNN Asia interview, Pacquiao intimated his desire to enter politics. The first time he did that, he lost to the charming Darlene Antonino-Custodio. Will Pacquiao win this time? Your guess is as good as mine.


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