Martin Nievera, the National Anthem & Las Vegas 50

May 6, 2009 § 5 Comments

I’m an eighties guy and like the rest of our generation, we were serenaded by the lovely melodies of Martin Nievera and Gary Valenciano, not to mention danced in the streets whenever we hear of The Dawn, Cocojam, and other punk and New Wave tunes.

And when I heard of Martin singing the Philippine National anthem, I thought to myself–is this Martin’s eighties version of this sacred and hallowed song? I mean, ” Be My Lady” used to be a hit in my milieu and it came out fine. But this latest version of a song which prodded thousands of Katipuneros ala-80’s to kill conos and Peninsulares, was it properly sung?

Some Congressmen and even Senators want Martin investigated and for what? For singing the National Anthem like Ricky Martin. Huh? Why?

Why spend taxpayers money probing on something which is actually an artistic rendition of a patriotic song? And whose to say that Martin did it improperly? Those who can’t sing? Are those historians at the National Historical Institute really know how to sing the National anthem?

I think these legislators just want to divert the public clamor for the 50 or so government officials who went to Las Vegas to watch the Manny Pacquiao fight. They saw a diversionary issue. Instead of them, they want Martin hanged. For singing the National Anthem the way he thought best? Why question artistry? Why even probe on Martin?

Besides, make them sing the National Anthem. Surely, some, if not all, would definitely buckle and would probably miss a few lines. Or, maybe ALL OF THESE LEGISLATORS would not be able to sing the National anthem the way our predecessors want it sung.

These legislators are pseudo-nationalists. They are trying to find fault on someone when they did a nastier thing, wasting public money going to Las Vegas and spending precious tax-payers money on those infomercials.

That’s the REAL PROBE.


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§ 5 Responses to Martin Nievera, the National Anthem & Las Vegas 50

  • Secreteers says:

    All must abide by the laws of their country regardless of status, job, etc. In Martin’s case, he is a Filipino artist who should know that singing the national anthem needs to be in accordance with the law of our country. It’s simple as that. The issue of the NHI is not about taste. It’s about the law. To sing it in a public event and used to represent the nation in that event is the context of that law. Martin can’t use Manny as scapegoat. Manny is not the law. If you have beef with the law, the best thing to do is have it changed or removed. This is why many Filipinos are just dramatic and lacking in the understanding of simple things like singing a national anthem. Or Martin fans can stand or sit whenever they want in his concert venues where seat #s are assigned. We follow rules of other nations when we visit abroad, but why can’t we follow simple rules where we live? A simple apology would have sufficed but Martin had to go to press with an immature statement.

    • well, secreteers, Martin sang the National Anthem without skipping a single line of that song. The law says that one must sing the National Anthem based on the lyrics and he did that. What Martin changed was the cadence of the song—he interpreted it as a marching song—which is actually the very nature of the national anthem. He interpreted it as such which other people found offensive because it was different.

  • siyetehan says:

    too late the hero naman kasi lagi yung gustong mag imbestiga.

    why ask and investigate only now? sa dinami dami nang naunang nagkamali, bakit ngayon lang?

  • hazel says:

    i guess there is nothing wrong with what mr. martin nievera did about how he sang the Philippine national anthem. they are just making things complicated and they were just exaggerating about it. there is no issue in the first place. when i heard him sang it, there is not much change in it, what was changed there was on how he delivered it. not a single line in the lyrics are missing. the complainant were just not ready to face change, well, sad to say that the most constant word is “change” and we can’t do anything about it…. grow up ok?

  • visitor001 says:

    why did they not investigate on christian bautista when he missed the third and second to the last lines of lupang hinirang?

    i think this congressmen are really just trying to divert things. tsk tsk tsk…

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