May 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

SMART COMMUNICATIONS SUBSCRIBERS SHOULD BE WARNED. In an interview by the Philippine Daily Inquirer yesterday, former PLDT Senior Official Antonio Samson and now chair of DDB Media, the outfit behind AKO MISMO, an online site, revealed a very insidious mindset that is now being toyed inside SMART’s corporate boardrooms.

IN defending allegations that AKO MISMO is now engaged in alleged phishing activities, Samson denied this by saying that AKO MISMO or DDB Media do not need to go to such lengths. He says that a “text blast is easier than maintaining a site”. Samson says SMART has 37 million subscribers and a text blast would do the trick.

Samson and executives of SMART COMMUNICATIONS INCORPORATED should be forewarned. Their subscribers’ personal information are NOT to be used by the company in ANY other way OTHER THAN just kept as an account file.

SMART subscribers signed a secrecy and security agreement whereby SMART promised not to use these personal info for any other means other than keeping them as an account file. SMART is also prohibited from selling these personal information to third parties.

Samson just confirmed earlier fears of SMART subscribers that the telecomms giant is using or is toying with the idea of using their database for political purposes. SMART is NOT allowed to do a text blast without the permission of their subscriber.

Subscribers of SMART should file a restraining order before the courts and ask SMART COMMUNICATIONS and its alleged affiliate AKO MISMO to desist from future actions of using the subscribers’ personal info for any other purpose than maintaining an account file.

Smart should stop, desist and cease this potentially disastrous and very dangerous game they’re playing.


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