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As what New Philippine Revolution wrote a few entries ago, we must be very vigilant in the coming weeks because what I wrote before has slowly unfolded. Two days ago, clashes broke out in Mindanao, a Marine Lieutenant Senior Grade by the name of Gaudian exposed a funds anomaly involving Marine officers, palace pronouncements indicating Mrs. Arroyo as Prime Minister, charter change moves at the House and this recent bidding anomaly over at the COMELEC.

This bidding anomaly over at the COMELEC was even uploaded in the YOUTUBE by a concerned citizen, showing COMELEC automation chairman Ferdinand Rafanan allegedly waiting for architect and bidder FF Cruz Senior to finish signing his bid documents. The alleged incident happened last May 9, the day when COMELEC was to hear FF Cruz and their partner Gilat’s proposal to provide the poll body with counting machines. Here’s the video clip. Judge for yourself:

This administration is creating scenarios that would justify regime extension. Arroyo is testing the waters, dipping her fingers slowly in the increasingly heating broth and assessing whether she and her devil flock can continue their evil rule without fail.

Ideologues within the regime are also stroking the lit fire, albeit, slowly at first, then, come June, they’ll unleash their full support behind moves and actions for one purpose—justify and implement a God Save the Queen scenario meant to prolong the administration of Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Since a few months ago, pivotal players and actors involved in the change movement are being harassed and are being prevented from doing business. One of these players, Jun Lozada, was even incarcerated. These moves are meant to “test the waters”, so to speak, to enable this regime to see the extent of possible public dissent or the lack of it.

The Lozada episode and the obvious lack of public outrage against charter change have lead ideologues within the Arroyo regime to presume that oppositors against term extension have weakened. This is very dangerous since this allows the regime to further up the ante a little bit.

It is also interesting to see how major political players will move to oppose Mrs. Arroyo. They did it before and was repulsed by a stronger force.

Former president Joseph Estrada yesterday threatened to lead anti-cha cha rallies but it is dubious whether he truly has the capability to cause the downfall of this regime, seeing he is already weak politically. Whether he can muster enough force to avert cha-cha is doubtful.

Having said that, it is time for the New Patriots of the New Generation to abandon thoughts of changing society through elections. This early, this mode has already been tainted, with this bidding anomaly. A paradigm shift is in order


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