Bolinao, Bora of the North

May 16, 2009 § 5 Comments

Bolinao Pangasinan

Bolinao Pangasinan

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to go to Pangasinan with my relatives. Sorry for not posting earlier. Pangasinan is a beautiful place to go to. It’s just 3 to 4 hour trip from Manila (if you’ll use the SCTEX from NLEX and if you go the route of Camiling road).

Anyway, we went first to Bolinao, reputedly North Luzon’s answer to Boracay. Bolinao is about 5 hour drive thru wide expanses of rice fields, mountains and hills. It’s a majestic ride.

beautiful wife and a beautiful kid

beautiful wife and a beautiful kid

When you reach Bolinao, you’ll find many first-class resorts which charge first-class rates. It’s really a place for foreign tourists. When we arrived though, we saw most guests are locals. Tourism secretary Ace Durano is right—there’s really a spike in numbers of local tourists, probably because of the lower price of gasoline. People travel when gas prices are low and dein do the discoveries when its high.

Bolinao, the Boracay of the North

Bolinao, the Boracay of the North

I don’t want to disappoint you, but Bolinao is no Boracay. It may look like the island paradise, save the stone-filled beachfront and the greyish sand full of coral debris. The sand is not fine and powdery talc, like what we find in Boracay. And you can’t really swim as much as you like to, coz, waters are filled with stones, some as sharp as a glass shard.

But, it has a wonderful sunset and it’s so quiet, it’s best for people who just want to rest and unwind, like me.

Bolinao beach

Bolinao beach

People of Bolinao are wonderful people, except those who run those resorts. Resorts are fully booked and if you just want to settle for a fairly big cottage, you’ll be charged with 500 per pop. Nothing wrong, it’s normal, except that the cottage does not have its own comfort room or even a changing room. You need to use the public one.

But, like I said, Bolinao has a wonderful sunset which you’ll die for. And the breeze, oh, what wonder! I thank God for giving us such a wonderful place in Pangasinan even if you can’t swim in it. Beachfront owners should do something to address this.
Bolinao is lovely

Bolinao is lovely

I hate to say it, but commercializing the place will do more harm than good. I guess the right thing to do here is for people of Bolinao to form a cooperative and build their own tourism zone. This tourism zone should undertake eco-tourism, make the place as lovely as possible without harming the environment. The first thing they should do is ensure that people can swim in that lovely beach. Or, reposition the place not as swimming area but rather as either one of the best snorkeling area or a place for meditation.

Bolinao sunset

Bolinao sunset

And Bolinao, I think, has one of the best sunsets there is, lovelier than the world-class Manila bay sunset. I have seen sunsets in Ilocos, in Sulu, in Lanao, in Davao, in Bataan, in Zambales and even in New York, Singapore and all around—but nothing beats seeing that majestic sun honoring the advent of Night. Such a wonderful sight to behold indeed!


World-classThese photos would show you how wonderful and lovely the Philippines is. These Bolinao sunsets really melts all your worries. It just tells you that after a day's travel, God gives you the time to really relax and appreciate the wonder of this world whom He gave us to take care of. The Divine really takes care of everybody. And I thank God that He allowed me and my family to experience this wonderful thing. Even if I was not able to swim.World Class Sunset Only in the Philippines

If you want world-class sighting of a sunset, go to Bolinao Pangasinan.

That alone melts five to six hours of driving.
Otherwise, just settle for either the Manila bay or a Tanay sunset.
Bolinao’s sunset is just one spectacular thing that, in a moment, you’ll think that it’s really like Bora. Except that you can’t swim in it.

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§ 5 Responses to Bolinao, Bora of the North

  • vanny924 says:

    nice post! brings back memories of a summer my family and i spent in bolinao. we stayed with a family friend who had a beachfront house. was very nice! hope i can go back someday.

  • sara says:

    i’ve never been to bolinao… heard that it’s really a nice place.
    i almost went there w/ my friends this summer. but due to some unavoidable circumstances it was canceled.

    but, i’ve been to pagudpud… and i just want to say that i believe that it’s the boracay of the north. check out these flickr photos..

    hmmm… maybe next time our bolinao trip will push thru and i’ll be able to see its beauty. who knows if i’ll change my mind 😛 i suggest you visit pagudpud too if u haven’t yet. the long travel time is really worth it.

    just wanted to comment 🙂
    take care .

    • hi sara,

      okey. i’ll go there probably this July or August, when it’s not raining. I went there before, in 1998. I don’t know if it changed. but, yeah, it’s also lovely, especially the road going there.

  • kathangisip says:

    what a beautiful sunset picture. My friends and I have the same sets of pictures. The best ang sunset sa Bolinao 🙂

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