Stop Katrina Halili sex video viral

May 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

Poor Katrina Halili.

It has been, what, months ago when that controversial video of her dancing with Dr. Hayden Kho circulated in the internet. And I learned from a good friend that it continues to go the rounds. Why? Are people not satisfied with the humiliation that video had caused her? I mean, people, come on! Stop it already.

So what if we saw her wearing a two-piece with Hayden? They’re adults. They’re singles. Hayden is not the husband of Vicki and Katrina is a lovely lady. It would be too obsene in our tastes if we see her dancing with another woman (for some, maybe not.).

Stop destroying the career of this fine, sexy and sultry actress. Katrina Halili should not be put in a freezer. And those who want to still see the second installment of this video, cut the crap already. Katrina has suffered enough already. Let her rest.


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