Dr. Hayden Kho Sex Videos—STOP!

May 19, 2009 § 1 Comment

It was a shock seeing a respected legislator in the person of Bong Revilla using the Senate floor to lambast Dr. Hayden Kho. Bong, who also took the cudgels for Aleck Bovick, another Filipina actress who was involved in a scandal, castigated Dr. Kho for those alleged sex videos circulating in the internet. One such video involves GMA7 Talent Katrina Halili, who was shown in two videos cavorting and exposing her body in a black birthday suit.

That video scandal destroyed the promising career of Halili who is reportedly placed in a “freezer” by her home network. GMA7 has not giving any project to Katrina Halili, while Dr. Kho reportedly went back to the loving arms of his 55 year old lover, Vicki Belo.

Honestly, I saw the first video and it’s funny, not hot. It shows Hayden Kho singing out of tune while a sexy lady, Katrina Halili dances infront of him. Obviously, this video can be interpreted in so many ways. It could be some joke conned by these two friends. Or maybe these two were auditioning or practicing for some show or something.

Seeing two scantily clad individuals mean nothing. They know they’re being taken some video. And the second video, reportedly racier than the first, is simply funny. It’s just an extended sexy dance of Katrina Halili.

What is really offending to say the least, are these Hayden Kho sex videos involving a Brazilian model and another Filipina actress by the name of Ruffa Mae Quinto. Its offending since Kho is reportedly a doctor by profession. What kind of doctor is this Kho? Sex doctor?

There’s a Code of Ethics governing physicians. Obviously, Kho violated such ethical standards. It is best to withdraw Kho’s license as a doctor.


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