Paradigm shifts & American Idol

May 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

This is the post I wrote for FilipinoVoices today. Pardon me. Like other 49 million Americans who rooted for Adam Lambert, I am similarly shocked with the news that he lost to Kris Allen. Indulge me my friends with this analysis.

Before the announcement of who got a big chunk of the 100 million American votes for their idol, Hollywood held a Bacchalian ceremony hailing the birth of a New King. From the start of the grand finale of American Idol season 8, it seems that all those stars converged in one place to crown the new King. Ryan Seacrest got the envelope and read Kris Allen’s name.

Adam Lambert, whom many thought got the top plum, accepted the verdict with total humility. With the coronation spoiled, Hollywood awaits for that time when America cools down and accepts the reality that a New Era, as what Lambert represents, is upon them. Like the election of Barack Obama, change has infected America, and this Lambertian era will come sooner than later.

Lastly, let me get this thing out of my system. Adam Lambert is really a reincarnation of Elvis Presley and those great Fathers of Rock n’ Roll. Remember that when Elvis stormed the stage, he was criticized, bullied, even castigated for the way he sang those rock songs. The Beatles also started with more boos than ahs. Yet, we saw how people around the world, worshipped their artistry. After the initial harsh reactions, true artistry emerged and eventually, the whole Humankind accepted it as their own.

Elvis, the Beatles, Kiss, The Queen are all class acts. They are the progenitors of eras, and Lambert, surely, will lead another one.

What America has shown in voting for Kris Allen is that they fear for this era. It’s called a “future shock”. Societies, when faced with new paradigms, show adversity at first, then, as soon as they feel accustomed to the sound and feel of the paradigm, they slowly adjust and embrace it as their own.

This is the same as revolutionary ideas. At first, we oppose it. But, when we are in the midst of it already and we feel its effects in our lives, we adjust and accept it as our own.

Look at Cuba. In 1959, Fidel Castro won and seized power. Yet, it took him at least 10 years before Cubans accepted those changes the revolution wrought upon Cuban society. Now, it is the strongest model for change in America.

It is this hope that I, and all the rest of the New Patriots of the New Generation, continue to do what is necessary for change. Revolution might be too loud or too high pitched an idea for many and probably, paradigm shifts are more acceptable terms. In due time, people will warm up to it and embrace change like they do with their lovers.

This reality made me realize that there is still hope for Filipinos to come together as one and change the way we do things. It is still not hopeless.

To Adam Lambert, my man, continue doing what you’re doing. Eventually, the revolution you started will engulf the whole of America and eventually your coronation will happen very soon.


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