Shocking News–Kris Allen won American Idol 8!

May 21, 2009 § 2 Comments

In the most shocking news of all, Kris Allen won the American Idol season 8 top plum. That put a great damper on all the hoopla and all the homage Hollywood made for Adam Lambert. More than 100 million voted and reports say, 57% went all the way to Kris Allen.

WTF….that surely will definitely ruin my day. Anyway, to Kris Allen, congratulations my man. It just shows that America still loves their traditional way of doing rock and roll. They don’t want a Gothic man to say that everyone already embraced this lifestyle.

Adam Lambert is a great artist, and I still believe, he’s iconic. His star will shine brightly, more lumicent than Allen’s. Anyway, the Nation has voted and we have to respect their choice. It just shows you how traditional and “Christian” this nation of 400 million thinks and make their choices.

America is not ready yet for an Adam Lambert. Yet, soon, they will be. True artistry will emerge from the American Idol woodwork.

This is an example of how Americans take these things. Soon after Allen was announced, Lambert immediately accepted the verdict, in a calm and reposed manner. It also shows the disjunct between what Hollywood and the artists want, and what the patricians want. Obviously, artists love and worship the artistry of Lambert. But Patricians do not love such Gothic, even darker, devilish performance. They love their music and that music is what they think as traditional American.

It’s a classic case of magnanimity in victory, and acceptance in defeat. Wherever way you look at it, we, Filipinos, should adopt the same mindset, especially in 2010, when we face the greatest challenge to our democracy.


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