The Story behind the Hayden Kho Sex Scandals

May 26, 2009 § 3 Comments

Here’s the true story behind the Dr. Hayden Kho sex videos. There are about forty of them, most are now literally scattered all over the Internet while some are being kept allegedly by Vicki Belo. The recent “installment” are sex videos taken by Kho with Vicki Bello and another, with Ruffa Mae Quinto, a local sexpot.

Reportedly, these videos were stored in the laptop of Dr. Hayden Kho, who now faces a string of cases filed by Katrina Halili, her ex girlfriend. What prompted some, particularly Kho’s closest friends, to distribute those videos online?

Here’s the true story.

Sometime last year, Dr. Kho and two of his closest friends, a certain Bistek and another one, a Eric Johnson Chua, got into a vicious fight. These friends, who normally stay in the condo unit by Kho, shares a lot of intimate moments together. Like other bosom buddies, Kho allows these men to view his most intimate times with his girlfriend victims. Kho revealed to his friends that he made videos of his girlfriends and their “sexual escapades, the latest of course, the Halili sex tapes.

Anyway, it was reported that Bistek, one of Kho’s friends, is slated to get married to a rich and beautiful girl named Princess. One night, however, Bistek did the unthinkable—he had sex with another woman. Princess got wind of this and went to Kho for counselling.

Instead of giving the girl some comfort and peace of mind, Kho reportedly misled the girl and had sex with her. Bistek learned of this treachery and vowed to take revenge.

Late last year when Kho went on drug rehab, Bistek and Chua went to Vicki Belo and asked her if they can get the laptop of Kho inside the condo unit. Vicki agreed. After one and half hours, the two returned the laptop and gave Vicki a copy of a hard disc. Unknown to her, the two already produced numerous copies of Kho’s sex tapes.

Chua reportedly uploaded some online and tried to sell the salacious sex tapes to the underground illegal DVD pirates for 2 million pesos. The pirates did not bite since the normal going rate for such videos is just 50,000 pesos.

The first salvo of these sex tapes was aired on FleshAsiadaily and quickly spread across the internet.  Senator Revilla got wind of this and immediately took action.

What is totally contemptuous about this is the attempt by Dr. Hayden Kho to present himself as a victim of these scandals. Kapal!

Dr. Kho is a drug dependent and a confirmed sex maniac, according to Revilla. He should be jailed. And government should make sure that Dr. Kho spends some time in jail and not hide behind such claims as neurotism or psychosis to escape detention.


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  • Abu Alamid says:

    The true story of Dr. Hayden Kho it is because of its politics time, the Senators of hipocracy are here… Heller….! Ang yabang at hipocrito talaga nitong mga Politico, Grabe sobra na yan para kay Dr. Kho pareho naman kayo ng lakad di ba? Nagkataon lang talaga na maganda mga chicks ni Dr. Kho Inggit lang kayo Senator…! Yung mga Father ninyo ganyan din naman ang lakad kaya nga dumami ang lahi ninyo sa Cavite at San Juan ultimo kayo ganyan din lakad ninyo mga birdflu. Kaya hwg na sila magyabang alam naman ng taong bayan na Politics time na ngayn kaya puro pa pogi na kayo…! May masabi lang talaga basta panahon ng politika patulan agad. Ang tagal ng maraming scandal dapat noon pa yan……nagkataon lang na mga politico kayo kaya hnd kayo nag iiwan ng evidence….Inggit lang kayo…! Kulang lang sa jumping kayo ha ha ha.

  • Doctors Club says:


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