Hilario and his pseudo web selling

May 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

I never really understand why some people have the audacity to actually make a fool out of themselves.

I got this comment from one of my entries from this commenter who, instead of commenting on the entry, wrote something about this hands-on internet thing by this guy named Hilario. Come on! Do you think you can fool me with that crap?

You want to hijack the post/entry. That is the basest thing anyone, especially bloggers, do to fellow bloggers. Here am I writing stuff to inform other Filipinos about things happening in our country, and here comes this Hilario trying to sabotage what I’m doing?

HIlario is selling us this crap of actually earning money from the internet. He’s selling people about how to monetize their sites. Good that he’s doing that. But, by doing this hijacking thing of a post makes me wonder how legal or illegal his method of earning dough from suckers in the web.

I don’t know you, Mr. Hilario and I’m not interested in what you’re selling. The reason why I write stuff here is not to earn something. In fact, my blogging gives me lesser income, since I spend some time writing these entries. Best if you just sent me an email. But, selling your stuff here and masking it as a comment, is the most stupid thing for someone who professes to know the internet more than the rest.

Don’t you ever do this thing again in this site. Thank you.


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