Villar should resign or retire

May 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

What’s more important to a Senator? The quest for Truth or saving his hide? These things probably are in the mind of Senator Manny Villar.

Villar just got the nod of the Supreme Court to ask the Senate to defer the trial of his ethics case. His contention is mostly based on technicals and what Villar managed to do is try to stay the hand of the Senate. The Supreme Court asked the Senate to “answer” the Petition for Injunction of Villar. The SC did not issue a TRO and instead, asked the Senate to answer the petitioner. As a co-equal branch of government, the Senate may or may not follow what the SC said but out of “courtesy”, they must do so.

Villar just said some days ago that the ethics trial will not muster enough votes to either expel him or reprimand him. For Villar, it’s all a numbers’ game. For most Senators, especially those who consider the integrity of the Senate as an institution, it’s about honor and obeisance to the Constitution.

The evidence against Villar is overwhelming. Villar violated the Constitution by not divesting his interests in his companies and he also admitted gaining a fiduciary interests in some government projects—two things expressly prohibited by the framers of the Constitution due to the principle of conflict of interests.

Villar never denied that he has substantial interests in Adelfa Properties nor in Vistaland. IN truth, he’s even proud of this. What he does not know is he’s turning into an embarassment especially among his peers because it should have been incumbent upon him to know that his continued stake at these companies makes his position as a legislator on shaky grounds.

Right now, Villar does not have the moral high ground to even question any erring government official nor any person accused of graft or collusive practices because, he, himself, is being accused of an ethical matter. What, then, is the use of Villar as a senator? He cannot now function effectively as a Senator of the land because he, himself, is accused of a crime and moreso, his reputation has now been sullied beyond repair.

Manny Villar should vow to the will of the People. He should resign before the Senate renders judgment against him, if there is still some shame left in him.


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