Mar Roxas, con-asswang and Garlic

June 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

I like Ambeth Ocampo’s pieces. It’s full of information and spiced with wit. In his latest piece today, Ocampo talks about aswangs and the weapons used by early Filipinos against them. He says that prior to Spanish colonization, we already have a concept of aswangs. Its a misinterpretation to say that aswangs are demons. The nearest thing to an aswang is a ghoul. And in an obvious refutation of the latest Mar Roxas caper on wearing garlands made from garlic, Ocampo said that garlic are not effective repellants against aswangs.

What Ocampo suggest is for people to sharpen their bamboo poles and stake or pierce the body of the aswang. That’s the most effective means to defeat the aswang. What Ocampo is suggesting is what New Philippine Revolution is advocating—crush Resolution 1109 via the People Power mode. That’s the only way to defeat the con-asswang created by Mrs. Arroyo’s minions over at the Lower House.

By the way, what we also need is a mambabarang, someone who is an expert in exorcising the aswang.


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