Filipino Inoventors need help

June 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

Rainier Ronda of the Philippine Star wrote something about the first fully interactive television which is proudly Filipino made. Though the second unveiling went well, the event last June 12, 2009 just showed how Filipino “inoventors” as what Inovent Electronics founder Brian Quebengco described them, have the same creativity and the same, if not more grit than other inventors out there.

Yet, creativity and grit and sacrifice will lead to nothing if Filipinos just remain apathetic to the pleas of support by their fellow Filipinos. Inovent has a kick-ass product, but, they don’t have sufficient funds to mass produce it. It’s so easy to just go somewhere else, maybe in the United States or Europe, to get those millions. Yet, Brian says it would defeat the very purpose why they invented the Ilumina iTV in the first place.

In an intimate talk with the Inovent Chief Inoventor, Brian says he wants to fulfill his dream of seeing the Philippines among the list of first developed nations. He believes in the Filipino. He believes that something can be done to arrest the further decline of this country. If Filipinos could only pool their resources and their talents together, nothing is impossible. The first step is unity. The second step should really be charting the right direction to take. And Brian believes that manufacturing, industrial design and IT engineering would propel the Filipino to greater heights.

Right now, the Philippines has its own product, a fully interactive LCD television with a powerful computing capability, that needs attention and support. Inovent is in active talks with Ayala and some other groups but if we truly want to see this country progress, we need to help Filipino inoventors like them.


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