Friday the 13th

June 14, 2009 § 1 Comment

Slasher movies have been around since the 1960’s. Many movies depict blood and gore and some even went to the extreme of showing extremities of people being butched and decapitated. I even remember during my teens an occasion where I watched those popular “cannibal” movies which show tribes in New Guinea reportedly butchering and cooking foreigners who strayed in the island. Seriously, I did not believe those movies since how the hell did they escaped that carnage and managed to even produce and show those bloody clips?

Anyway, it’s no surprise to see teenagers being butchered but what caught my attention is the latest remake of the Friday the 13th. Yes, the deranged Jason is back!

Like other Friday the 13th movies, this one has its usual fare of sex, gore and teenage stupidity. Some call it a popcorn and date movie since it appeals to younger audiences who want their dates primed up for the kill afterwards.

I was expecting a really terrific out-of-this world take and the movie offers some of that. Yet, the gore and the killing of Jason did not excite me. Probably because as a journalist, I have seen worse and in real life.

The movie is filled with scenes upon scenes of polished killing (meaning, it’s all digitally enhanced) which, quite honestly, fared badly in the shock department. That’s the thing with all these technologies. If you don’t know how to use them effectively, don’t even try to use it. Philippine director Brilliante Mendoza knows his technical stuff; that’s why scores of people were shocked when he released his indie film over at Cannes (and won the Best Director award). And he did it with just pennies in his pocket.

In the Friday the 13th movie, millions were spent in digital animation and technology. That probably explains why the new Friday the 13th registers very low viewing shocking value. It’s the fault of the director.

Anyway, you watch it for yourself and see if I’m right. The movie is a fake shocker. It’s obvious that some of the scenes were shot indoors. It’s too polish for a horror film. It’s a good thing that two actresses, especially Julianna Guill and Americo Oliva competed in the “Who’s more effective in faking orgasms” category or Willa Ford taking off her bra and showing those fine, firm tits; otherwise, Friday the 13th will go down in cinematic history as a plain fluke.


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