Philippine H1N1 victims reaches 200 plus

June 16, 2009 § 2 Comments

The Philippine Department of Health (DOH) already pegged the number of Filipinos infected with influenza A H1N1 virus to 200. And, the government expects this to rise further. (As I write this, the Philippine Medical Association just called for an emergency meeting to discuss on how best they can help the DoH address this threat. Their meeting will be at Club Filipino)

This is quite perplexing to me. At the onset, the DOH brags that it was doing everything it can to insulate the Philippines from the virus spread. Yet, nabuking sila na they are actually not doing their jobs well. The very fact that this virus is spreading like wildfire shows you how this agency of government has really bungled the job.

The reason is very simple—DOH secretary remains hard headed. When sectors suggested that they push back the opening of classes, they insisted on pushing thru with it. Health secretary Duque should be fired from his job because we are now on the brink of having our very first fatality since it is very evident that he is really messing up.  

Worst, the DOH want us to just shrug this off like saying that H1N1 is even “milder” than dengue. Que barbaridad! Que horror!

Mr. secretary, if this is just a mere influenza virus, and there’s nothing dangerous about this, then, why the hell are health secretaries all over the world afraid of its spread? Like dengue, H1N1 is a fatal disease. It could kill within three days. Are we waiting for a fatality before we fully act and quarantine critical areas and sectors?

Government probably needs to do what Mexico did at the onset of a community outbreak—close businesses and schools for at least two days to really ensure that Metro Manila is really protected and/or insulated from virus spread


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