Melissa Roxas and her fight

June 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

Fil-Am activist Melissa Roxas should count herself lucky. Melissa went to the Philippines to know the real situation of her kababayans. It was supposed to be a safe exposure trip. My cousin, a member of BAYAN MUNA USA, went here on a visit and went back safe. She travelled everywhere and stayed in an undisclosed place in Central Luzon and Mindanao without being harmed. Different with Melissa, since, as she recounted, she was arrested, put in incommunicado for days and allegedly tortured.

Melissa came back to the States and recounted her ordeal. And she’s suing the government and the military for human rights violations.

Really, Melissa is still lucky because unlike her, activists living in the Philippines are either jailed for many days or shot like chickens. Look at what happened to my friend and fellow Samasa member Jonas Burgos. Burgos is still missing. And he’s the son of a former prominent media personality. Roxas should thank her lucky stars that her captors did not kill or rape her. Hundreds suffered a fate worse than hers. These people were taken in the dead of the night, tortured, brutally decapitated and some were even raped by their military captors.

Expect these things to happen under a tyrannical regime, obsessed with power and the unquenchable thirst for stolen money.

Expect an intensification in human rights violations in the Philippines since the deadline for solving the insurgency problem nears. Mrs. Arroyo gave specific orders to the military to crush the insurgents by 2010. We are now at the tailend of June and still the strength of the New People’s Army, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and even those terrorist groups in Jolo is considerable. Mrs. Arroyo and her military backers are really dreaming.

There can be no denying that one fact—that to eliminate dissent and people’s disgusts against government, the military should train their guns not at the people, but on Mrs. Arroyo. Mrs. Arroyo, like Marcos, is the insurgency’s best recruiter. For these eight years, Mrs. Arroyo and her ilk destroyed all institutions of governance, and turned them into a personal fiefdom. She and her gang of misfits should be the ones arrested, tortured and put in a cage, not those who seek real change in this country.

And like all others, Melissa Roxas’ story will enjoy tremendous media mileage for a while, then, after the heat has simmered down, archived as one of those unresolved cases of human rights violations in the Philippines.

There can be no doubt that Justice is still elusive here and even the United States nor the United Nations will not be able to change that. Probably, George Soros will, in due time.


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