15 Things to Do To Make RP No. 1

July 7, 2009 § 3 Comments

For those who think that some people here write pieces against Mrs. Arroyo simply due to personal reasons or that some write to instigate hate, they’re wrong. It’s simply too painful to criticize your own government. Whenever I type words that say “corruption,”, “evil”, ” stealing people’s money” or “fakery in government”, I cringe inside. When I was working as an OFW, I always tell my Western colleagues how beautiful my country is. Now, these entries I write show how democratic institutions are crumbling before my very eyes. It’s painful. It’s sad.

I remember the very first time I visited our country after spending years working abroad. The memories are still distinctly clear to me, how I cried when I heard the song of Sharon Cuneta being played inside the plane and how I longed to kiss the ground the minute we land. I’m not a fan of Sharon; yet her voice sounded very beautiful to my ears then. After years of just listening to Western and Asian songs, it was the first for me to hear a Tagalog song. When I heard her song, tears just rolled down my cheeks. It made me realize how foolish I was leaving the country of my birth.

We’re supposed to be the 14th country with the most number of happy people; yet we are in this morass, and we’re trying to get ourselves out of the hell pit. When I came back, I wanted to help government. But, the longer I stay here, the more I realize that we really need change, and fast. Is this the country which I want my kids and my grandchildren to live in? Is this the government which I want them to have? And are these the values I want them to learn?

I want my country to be the happiest place in the world. We have a beautiful place we call home. Our race is beautiful. We are honest. We are trustworthy. We are respectful. Yet, the system sometimes make brutes out of us.

Let me urge my friends not to succumb to this very monster called state superstructure. And let me suggest fifteen things we need to do from now on to make us the happiest country in the world.

1. Follow road signs.

2. Speak out against graft and corruption.

3. Give your license when traffic enforcers ask for it.

4. Whenever you see something wrong, do something.

5. Consider your work, your personal prayer to God.

6. If you have extra food, give to the hungry.

7. If you have extra money, give to charity.

8. Always punctuate your sentences with po and opo.

9. Demand good service from government employees. If you’re a government employee, give us your best.

10. Smile if you feel like it. Frown, if you need to. Cry if you feel sad.

11. Do not pluck a flower in public places. Do not trap pigeons in Luneta.

12. Do not spit in public nor urinate at the dumps.

13. When you see trash along the road, pick it up and throw it in a nearby garbage can. If there’s no can in sight, find one.

14. Help people in need. Don’t just watch whenever you see a road accident. Help.

15. If you have some suggestions to improve government service, write them in a piece of paper and send it to your Congressman. You just gave him a reason to do a project and get commissions from it. 😉


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§ 3 Responses to 15 Things to Do To Make RP No. 1

  • nutheckler says:

    reading the 15 things to do, I guess you are still young. perhaps below 40’s. when you spent your whole life in RP, I guess it will change you… when traffic enforcers request for your license, you don’t give your license, you give them cash… just today, I met a car with plate number “vice-mayor” driving against the flow of traffic with a car police behind. It’s wrong. But he’s the vice-mayor or whoever he is. Power and money corrupt. And here, they are very evident. Keep your ear to the ground. If you don’t, you will be miserable…

  • well, there’s still time for us to change things.

  • BIO says:

    Now you are making sense. Cynicism is the last food I’ll eat, but it will always be the spicy food that will remind me of what I don’t like. Let us remember that we are first and foremost the government the moment we cast our votes and welcome any new regime. The more we bash people in government service, the more we are contributing to the graft and corruption. There are proper platforms for affecting change. Tabloid fare is the least that gives me my fill. It just doesn’t nourish me and my country which is your country, too.

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