Ingenious Counters

July 9, 2009 § 2 Comments

“Nakakabilib naman ang AFP,” says my friend, Mang Tonyo. ” Imagine, in today’s Inquirer headline, they predicted that the next target for the bombings would be Metro Manila. How ingenious. It’s either they’re manghuhulas or they’re friends of the terrorists.”

NCRCommand Chief Fojas and NCRPO Chief Rosales are one in placing the entire Metro Manila under full alert, as a “precautionary measure” against possible spillover bomb attacks. They even pinpointed the Congress and military camps as the next targets. Quite admirable, since, they already knew that terrorists walk the metropolis but they, as yet, found it quite difficult to arrest them. What’s the purpose of the anti-terror or Human Security Act?

Ah, I know. The act will be used against anti charter change rallyists. PNP Chief Director General Jesus Verzosa said that one or two days prior to the SONA, they will be conducting their own “sonas” or special clearing operations in areas near Congress and places where you’ll traditionally find rallyists coming from.

So, these bombings are really being used afterall as a ruse to justify a crackdown on anti charter change rallyists, not on those so-called terrorists roaming the Metro. For the Arroyo regime, the real terrorists are anti-charter change Filipinos who want nothing more than to prevent Congress from convening itself into a Constituent Assembly.

Ah, so then, this regime is using every trick in the martial law rulebook (as described by Makati mayor Jejomar Binay) just so that they can ram charter change down our throats. Ingenious. They’re preparing really for a showdown.

Are they also prepared to fight thousands of INCs who’ll populate the entire Congressional avenue against cha-cha? Are they willing to fight God’s people?

Is Gloria really ready to face thousands upon thousands of people who’ll march against her despotic regime should she continue her evil plan?

This administration is determined to use every trick possible, legal or unconstitutional, just so that charter change pushes thru. They’ll be using the military, once described by Defense secretary Gilbert Teodoro as a professional institution, into a personal fighting machine of this regime. They’ll use their power to force the people to accept something which they already expressed their opposition.

Patay kung patay, as what Jose de Venecia Jr. described the demeanor and thinking of palace hawks in 2007. Arroyo’s minions are determined to fight it out once the people move against the regime. They’re just afraid, says JDV, because their time of reckoning is fast approaching and they fear for the worst. So, predicted JDV and Binay, they’ll use state power to further repress and oppress the people.

Now that we know that these instabilities and peace and order problems are just part of the overall scheme to justify the use of state power, the question is–what are we going to do about it? Will we just sit on idly by and watch as these things unfold?


Let them do their thing. Let them plunge this country into total chaos. Let them plunder still our coffers. Let them intensify the oppression, the hunger, the repressive things and just push the envelope a little bit further.

I urge the Patriots–let them do their thing. In fact, come the SONA, let no one come near Congress or Malacanang to protest the convening of Congress into a Constituent Assembly.


God is a god of Justice. He sees all. Let them humiliate themselves before the eyes of the world. Let them alone bear the consequences of their illegal action. By the time that they’re finished, God will unleash His Army upon them and like what happened to the Philistines of old, fire will definitely consume them all. Some will be burned at the stake while others chained and imprisoned in the deepest pits and dungeons.


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§ 2 Responses to Ingenious Counters

  • BIO says:

    This reads like a reading from a defective crystal ball. Same stuff I’ve been getting from the media all month long. Are all noisy Filipinos just a bunch of political seers? I keep reading nothing but predictions. Journalism, including blogging, has become misfortune telling.

    • Bio,

      If you read more, you’re learn more. For example, these are not misfortune telling. This is actually telling you the truth and connecting the dots. This is what is commonly referred to as “analysis”.

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