Celso de Los Angeles tries to avoid jail?

July 14, 2009 § 1 Comment

Celso delos Angeles Jr.

Celso delos Angeles Jr.

Why is Celso de los Angeles still not in jail? His lawyer, Atty. Noel Malaya says that Celso de los Angeles suffers from cancer. Whatta? Celso got cancer after people got wind of his syndicated or Ponzi scheme? Like Joc-Joc Bolante before him, Celso went to St. Luke’s Medical Center to avoid incarceration. St. Luke’s Medical Center is really having the reputation of being the “safe haven” of big-time schemers and scammers in this country.

Unlike Joc-Joc though, Celso will have to face the music though. Joc-Joc escaped prosecution because he knows many things and his crime was simply gift-giving—giving many syndicate members at the DA and in this administration billions of pesos worth of liquid fertilizers. Celso’s case is different. Aside from having links only as far as the Vice President’s office, Celso scammed even his closest friends. If Joc-Joc got only 700 million pesos, Celso’s scheme netted him 14 billion pesos. Wow.

What’s surprising, Celso and his lawyers just discovered that he has cancer shortly after learning a judge ruled in his behest a few days ago? Remember that previous to this, Celso even went to Sto. Domingo town in Albay to “resume his duties as mayor”.  Residents of Sto Domingo did not seem to know that he has cancer.Now, after a few days, he suddenly went sick. Wow. Talk about transformations.

Is Celso and his lawyers plan to “wait it out” for Celso to reach the age of 70 years old to avoid jail time? Under the law, the courts would be constrained not to incarcerate De los Angeles due to “humanitarian reasons”. Is that the reason for the hospital arrest?

I would just believe Atty. Noel Malaya’s words that this is not the case, if he’ll allow his client to spend his time in jail while waiting for his next chemotheraphy session.


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