First Gentleman stays behind while Gloria pays her last respects to Cory

August 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

gloriaarroyo1First Gentleman Mike Arroyo is staying behind while his wife, Gloria flies back to Manila to attend President Cory Aquino’s wake. Malacanang offered no explanation why FG decided to stay behind.

According to some sources in the US, the First Gentleman daw will be giving his testimony in connection with the alleged money laundering charges filed against him by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Some monts back, news about the cases filed against FG circulated in coffee shops throughout the US and the Philippines. FG wanted to clear his name and see for himself the serious charge sheets, according to these sources. However, the FBI refused to validate or confirm this.

After this, FG will be visiting their properties in San Francisco California. The First Family’s properties, sources say, have encountered serious back taxes. The values of their real estate properties also went down. That’s why, FG has reportedly decided to divest these properties and use the money to buy more properties outside of the US. Reportedly, the First Family intends to retire in their luxurious villas in Portugal, instead of their initial plan to stay in the US to avoid possible prosecution from state authorities.


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