Cong. Ferdinand Martin Romualdez in deeper shh…

August 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

Daniel Romualdez, brother of Leyte Cong. Ferdinand Martin

Daniel Romualdez, brother of Leyte Cong. Ferdinand Martin

Ferdinand Martin Romualdez found his voice today after days of silence. Romualdez now denies that he paid the US$ 20,000 bill which he and the Arroyo entourage of about twenty people at Le Cirque restaurant in New York. Romualdez tagged his brother Daniel, a successful Filipino architect/decorator and socialite in New York as the one who paid the bill. Obviously, this differed from the OFFICIAL VERSION of the palace, which Cerge Remonde, Presidential mouth….piece told the media the day the story broke out.

My, my, my, Romualdez wants to extricate himself out of the rut, only to find himself in total and deeper SHIT.If that is true, then, it does not ABSOLVE him nor his brother Daniel from LIABILITY. His statement further enflamed public sentiment and interest about this issue and unwittingly dragged his socialite brother in this scandal. Why you say?

Daniel should not have footed the bill because it was downright UNLAWFUL to treat a head of state or any government official. The Code of Ethics for Public Officials and laws against graft and corruption explicitly prohibits and penalizes this.

First, any one from the official entourage is prohibited from BEING TREATED BY THIRD PARTIES SINCE BEING TREATED TO A MEAL IS TANTAMOUNT TO A GIFT WHICH GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ARE PROHIBITED BY LAW TO RECEIVE. Malacanang, of course, would say that it was a PERSONAL invitation from New York architect Daniel Romualdez who happens to be part of New York’s creme de la creme.

WHETHER its PERSONAL OR NOT, the LAW is VERY CLEAR—NO GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL IS ALLOWED TO RECEIVE GIFTS FROM 3RD PARTIES. That trip was an OFFICIAL WORKING VISIT according to Malacanang. Hence, even if Mrs. Arroyo already finished her meeting with Barack Obama, that dinner was still part of the OFFICIAL itinerary.

(A brief background about Daniel Romualdez. According to Panache Privee, Daniel Romualdez is a noted architect and interior decorator. He got his bachelor’s degree at Yale University and a master’s degree from Columbia University School of Architecture. He’s the namesake of former Speaker Daniel Romualdez. He climbed his way to the top by working for renowned architects Thierry Despont and Robert A.M. Stern before starting his own firm in 1983. Past clients include: Tory Burch, Diane von Furstenberg, Paul Goldberger, and Marina Rust.)

Now, I don’t know if Martin realizes it, but dragging Daniel into this scandalous controversy is WRONG. Cong. Romualdez will realize this in the next few days.


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