Citimotors Pasong Tamo and how not to satisfy loyal Mitsubishi Customers

August 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

CTM_logoAre you sure that car service centers install the best, the newest and the original replacement parts to your car? I had that suspicion when my clutch discs broke down again.

This is a true account of what happened to me yesterday and today, thanks to Citimotors, owned by Paul Ching and Gordon Cheng. This is a kind of “service” that Citimotors give to loyal Mitsubishi car owners.

Five months ago, I went to Citimotors Pasong Tamo to have my 2008 Mitsubishi adventure serviced. I had problems with my clutch. When I step on it, my car did not move. And when I tried to changed gears, it was stuck. My original service center is at UnionMotors in Paco Manila. I wanted to go there and have my car fixed but it was an emergency. I encountered the problem in Magallanes Makati so the nearest Mitsubishi service center happens to be Citimotors Pasong Tamo.

I was charged P13,800 plus which I paid promptly since, hey, my car was already a year or so so I think that the estimate was judicious. I was not able to see the replacement parts since the service agent by the name of Raquiza did not show it to me before they installed it. So, since I trust Mitsubishi (I’m a loyal Mitsubishi fan for a decade or so now), I just let it go, thinking that people at Citimotors are the same honest ones I meet everytime I go for the regular oil changes at UnionMotors.

Last Wednesday, my car would not move again. Thinking it was the same problem, I stopped at Osmena street in Makati and asked for a mechanic. The guy told me that it’s my clutch lining again. It’s probably got worn out.

Surprised, I told the mechanic that it was replaced five months ago. The guy said maybe they did not replace it with new and original parts.

So, off I went and called a tow truck and paid 1,800 pesos. I went first to Citimotors Pasong Tamo. It was closed the security guard refused to accept my car. I had no choice but to direct the towing service to my house.

Yesterday (Thursday), I called Citimotors and asked them what happened, what caused this problem? The service agent named Raquiza who serviced my car five months ago, told me that he thinks the clutch lining has a problem. Sensing something fishy, I asked him questions which he refused to answer. I had no choice but to allow him to service my car once more.

Sure enough, the service agent called me and say that they have to replace all the clutch discs again. I became suspicious. Hindi ba kapagka Mitsubishi original parts, dapat tumatagal? My original Mitsubishi clutch discs etc got worn AFTER A YEAR. These replacement parts by CITIMOTORS only lasted FIVE MONTHS when I don’t even step on the CLUTCH than often WHEN I’M DRIVING!

Worst, when I was asking for this RAQUIZA, he suddenly went on half day leave when he probably sensed that I’m beginning to realize something VERY WRONG and VERY FISHY with what they’re doing. EVEN HIS MANAGER, CONRAD ALDANA, refused to get my calls, FROM A CUSTOMER AT THAT WHO ALREADY PAID THEM 13,800 PESOS BEFORE!!! IS THIS THE KIND OF SERVICE THEY GIVE TO LOYAL MITSUBISHI CUSTOMERS?

Since the service agent suddenly disappeared, I was FORCED TO ACCEPT THEIR TERMS, eventhough DEEP INSIDE OF ME I FELT I GOT ROBBED.

If you know Paul Ching and Gordon Teng, tell them what I experienced. I have many Chinese friends and they’re all very honest in business. I’m not saying that these two are dishonest but the way their service agents act before their customers says much about the kind of company they have.

I am thinking of personally launching a crusade against Citimotors starting tomorrow. If they will not give me some slack and admit that they shortchanged me, they will have their hands full. Tomorrow, I’ll get my car. Afterwards, if they don’t apologize especially CITIMOTORS PASONG TAMO MANAGER CONRAD ALDANA, then, I’ll be forced to take some DRASTIC ACTIONS. HINDI NA MAKATARUNGAN ITO.


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