Who’s the most style-conscious Pinay Congresswomen?

August 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

Since our government officials have Francoist tendencies, eating out in fancy restos at our expense, let’s see who among them are the most style-conscious (without saying that they’re the most desirous in eating out in ritzy places)

nikkiprietoteodoroLet’s start with Cong. Nikki Prieto-Teodoro. I think she holds her own in this category, being a former model. Nikki is, in my book, the most stylist and the best dressed legislator around. I just don’t know her record as a legislator, if it’s the best record around. (she’s the beauty at the left)

Nikki, as they say, is Defense secretary Gilbert Teodoro’s “secret weapon” should he pursue his presidential candidacy.

Another one that, for me, gets my vote everytime beauty is asked among legislators is Congresswoman Darlene Antonino-Custodio.

darlenecustodioSa totoo lang, maraming kalalakihan ang may secret desire kay Darlene. She’s a dusky beauty. She exudes sophistication. And in my book, she’s not just lovely, what’s important is she has one of the best record as a legislator. Shame that she’s not running as a senator. Her grandmother was a former Senator, Magnolia Antonino. (she’s the one second in the left).

Another Congresswoman, Akbayan partylist representative Risa Hontiveros is not just an activist—she’s also an iconoclast in the fashion category.

risahontiverosRisa is the most well-dressed activist I have seen in the last few decades. She’s not your usual rah-rah-rah sis boom bah activist, usually dressed in tees, jeans and flipflops. She’s always best dressed. Kahit na umulan, umaraw, mabomba ng maduming tubig o ma truncheon, para kay Risa, at least nakaporma ka. That’s the most fashionable way of going to a demonstration. Hindi na uso yung may tubaw ka pa.

I remember one SONA when Risa went to the stage, dressed in her usual barong saya. Imagine, under the heat of the sun, that’s very uncomforting. BUt, no. Risa went ahead and joined us. I hope she wins a senatorial seat. She deserves it.


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