Mar Roxas to lose LP presidential nomination to Noynoy?

August 26, 2009 § 1 Comment

Senator Noynoy As President

Senator Noynoy As President

After spending so much on advertising and propaganda, Senator Mar Roxas is on the verge of losing the party nomination as standard bearer. A report of TV Patrol World indicated a very serious split between the camps of Roxas and Senator Benigno NoyNoy Aquino. Obviously, there’s a movement to draft Noynoy as the party’s standard bearer and this is not a good news for Mar, who, for the past few months, has been campaigning hard in the cities and provinces throughout the Philippines. This “NoyNoy for President” movement is splitting the Liberal Party in the middle, and this, frankly, does not augur well for the party as a whole.

Mar Roxas3For one, this shows extreme weakness, exploitable by both rival opposition groups and the administration itself who does not want Mar to run for the highest post. Mar is caught in the middle of a political maelstrom which tends to blow him over.

Mar has to exhibit resoluteness and should cull party members over his side. Yet, it seems that history might yet repeat itself in the case of Mar since not all Liberal Party members are solidly behind him.

It is understandable since Mar’s ratings are not entirely desirable despite a massive ads attack especially since even in the ABC group, Mar just got 8% of this class, a far cry from the 30% of Chiz and the 28% of Villar. Mar got a third place finish even in the Visayas and ranked consistently poor in Mindanao and the rest of Luzon. These survey results are clearly against a Mar Roxas-led Liberal Party presidential campaign.

Mar’s poor showing could affect his party coffers since big ticket funders look at these things very seriously. With a debilitated coffers, the entire party would surely be affected given that local and even senatorial candidates rely on funding via their national party affiliation. A weak showing could also affect the further political network buildup for the party, leading to poll defeats.


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§ One Response to Mar Roxas to lose LP presidential nomination to Noynoy?

  • pedronmakabayan says:

    obviously Mar will lose. And common guys…. look at the line up…ERAP, Chiz wiz, Mar “pajak ” Roxas, Loren, Noli de Castro… HELLOOOOOWWWWW !!!!! Di pa ba tayo nagsasawa sa mga eto?

    We need a person with Integrity…. and someone who will stand up as hero amidst all this crisis !!! History will repeat itself indeed… just like in 1986….. Noynoy will march all the way to the Presidency !!! I for one I will vote for him. Look… Cory has no experience and yet she did just ok for her term( if not for the 7 coup attempts from this guy Gringo Honasan.. who for me should be fed to the crocodiles together with Enrile )

    On the other hand, Noynoy… has more experience than Cory, he has been in politics for quite some time now, he is an economist, and has good management skills. He is no alien to politics, and to top it all….. NOYNOY HAS THE SAME HEART AS HIS PARENTS. MAY PUSONG MAKABAYAN… In which none of this wannabee aspirants has. MGA WALANG PUSO ETONG MGA ETO !!! It is very obvious that this trapos will just run for their personal gain.

    Just a piece of advice Noynoy, when in doubt, always go back to the letter your father sent to you way back 1975 nung nakakulong siya … and i quote the last part……

    ” The only advice I can give you: Live with honor and follow your conscience.

    There is no greater nation on earth than our Motherland. No greater people than our own. Serve them with all your heart, with all your might and with all your strength.

    Son, the ball is now in your hands ” – Ninoy to Noynoy

    Go Noynoy !!!

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