Noypi sounds good

August 31, 2009 § Leave a comment

INTERNATIONAL-US-PHILIPPINES-POLITICSInquirer’s Conrad de Quiros has put out a name for the movement that will launch Noynoy Aquino’s quest for the presidency—Noypi, or Noynoy for President Initiative. Sounds good.

There’s a rising groundswell of support for Noynoy to run for the highest post. But, there are some, like me, who doubts this, simply because I hate reruns. Sometimes, reruns don’t really turn out the way we want it to be.

For example, do we expect Noynoy to behave like his mother or father? If we do, we’re in for a disappointment. Noynoy might have royal blood, but he’s no Cory. Or Ninoy.

Okey, some would say, but he’s better than Mar. Mar is bland, like burgers in McDonald’s while Noynoy, well, he’s like Jollibee. Noynoy is like his father, with glasses, while Mar does not smoke like his father Gerry.

Yesterday, Mar and Noynoy met to discuss who deserves the Liberal Party presidential nomination. Mar thinks he’s the man, since he already spent quite a fortune with all those infomercials. While Noynoy is sitting pretty in some corner, spending nary a dime, while such good men like Ed Roces goes around town calling for signatures.

Like Erap says “the presidency is destiny”. Yep, I believe that. Cory once proved that, when she, an ordinary housewife, became president. Is Noynoy destined to become president? And does this depend on the Liberal Party? I guess not.

Noynoy can always bolt out of the party and form his own. Good that Sonia Roco’s Aksyon Demokratiko and Ed Panlilio’s group as well as Harvey Keh’s Kaya Natin! movement already threw their support behind Noynoy. Mar only has the Akbayan on his side, but probably he’ll lose it once Noynoy starts to gun his election machinery. Are we seeing a third force? Maybe.

If all these groups converge behind Noynoy, that would probably give Erap some headaches. But, all of these things latch on grassroots organization. Erap has some formidable territories. Villarhas one too. Chiz, well, he’s building one, but he’s sure to get second spot behind Erap. Talk about trapo politics.

If Noynoy wins, this will be the very first time that a third force will do that. That would spur other movements to cash in and maybe, just maybe, we will have a totally changed and different political situation in 2013.


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