Alexis Tioseco case and the National Artist Award: Is there a Connection?

September 3, 2009 § 5 Comments

Alexis TiosecoBefore I slice Francis “Chiz” Escudero’s ” Apokalipto” YOUTUBE TVC as another disaster waiting to happen like Mar’s ” Padyak”, let me first write about my initial observations and reactions to the dastardly killing of film critic, Filipino-Canadian Alexis Tioseco and his live-in partner Slovenian Nica Bohinc.

I sensed something terribly wrong about this. Being a former crime journalist, Tioseco’s killing is simply not just a robbery-homicide case. For me, there is something not right with what happened to him and his live-in partner yesterday.

Tioseco and Bohinc were brutally killed when they chanced upon some robbers inside their 39 Times Street home in Quezon City. Tioseco, who is teaching film at the University of Asia and the Pacific, has just arrived home when he saw armed robbers ransacking his house.

Surprised, the robbers immediately opened fire, killing Tioseco and Bohinc. They then boarded the victim’s Ford Lynx and escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash and valuables.

That’s the police version.

Let me pose these questions:

1. I guess that there’s police or cops roaming around Times street since that strip is where the Aquinos live. Why was there no cops around that time? Why was the response late by about an hour?

2. Police investigators said that the maid connived with the suspects, that’s why they gained entry into the house. If these suspects are really professional robbers, they know the consequences of killing their victims. And, robbers normally don’t kill, they just make threats. In this case, Tioseco was killed GANGLAND STYLE.

Tioseco sustained multiple gunshot wounds at close range, meaning, this is NOT an accidental shooting—this case should be thoroughly investigated.

defaultSince the furor over the choice of the four NATIONAL ARTISTS awardees, Tioseco has been very vocal about the mess. Tioseco guested in the award-winning show of Che Che Lazaro ” Media In Focus” a few weeks back where he criticized the choice of the awardees. That was his last TV guesting.

And during the rally of artists at the height of the scandal, some National Artists disclosed that thugs were sent by a personality purportedly to kill those who oppose the choice of Mrs. Arroyo of National Artists.

Tioseco has been living here in the Philippines for quite some time and when I asked around, his maid, a certain Criselda, has been the househelp since way back. Why only now that the maid suddenly thought of robbing her employer over some measly film equipment and a few bucks? Are those equipment worth a life?

Tioseco does not own pieces of jewelry and lives a very simple life. Obviously, he does not have huge sums of money to make a huge impact or interests of big-time and armed robbers.

Hmmmm…….For all those who are concerned, we need to ask cops to look deeper into this case.

Robbery or a simple case of assasination?


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§ 5 Responses to Alexis Tioseco case and the National Artist Award: Is there a Connection?

  • Same here. I had the same hunch.

    You’ll never know what evil lurks in the minds of shade-y characters.

    May justice be served in this lifetime!

    • alex,

      think about it…the police is not investigating this thing further. they’re not digging deeper. in fact, they already concluded that this is a simple case of robbery with homicide. that’s why I’m not hopeful that Alexis will get the justice he so deserves.

  • maureen says:

    Hi there! Thanks for spending time investigating on Alexis case. I also smell something…hmmmn. It has a foul play. Justice for Alexis. Walang kaaway si Alexis pero may galit sa kanya. Justice will prevail.Lets pray for their souls.

    • that’s it nga maureen eh—the police already stopped their investigation and concluded that this is a simple case of robbery with homicide. dapat they investigate deeper kasi baka me mga involve here na malalakas na tao.

  • K says:

    Hi there,

    I think there’s other, more vocal voices on the National Artists issue. And while this was a terrible tragedy, I don’t necessarily think it’s contrived.

    This is still an ongoing investigation I think, they’ve just concluded that it’s a robbery gone bad. If it was closed, there wouldn’t have been more blotters on the maid, Criselda.

    While there could be a link, police might not follow that theory until they’re presented with concrete evidence or motive that could lead them to that direction. Law enforcement, and this is true all over the world, always follows the most obvious leads first. It just so happens that robbery turned homicide happens to be the most obvious lead, and since they’re hung up on the new maid Criselda, they might not pursue other directions unless they find her. If this is a viable, and valid theory, then someone that they know should go to the police and say so.

    A friend of mine used to live in Times St., and there weren’t really a lot of policemen in the area. Not permanently stationed, anyway, even when Fmr. President Aquino was there, since she had her own security detail. What they do have, is a lot of security guards. And unless they see the commotion, they’re less likely to know.

    Most houses in Times St. have high fences, and it being a semi-commercial area, there’s a lot of noise pollution. It’s also a common shortcut for most commuters. A series of gunshots would not have been as apparent as it would be in a silent village; not even the neighbors heard it.

    Times St. is also an obvious hot area in terms of robberies. A lot of rich people, and with them being a young, foreign couple, would have made them somewhat obvious targets.

    It’s not true that robbers just make threats, and rarely kill. Most akyat bahay gangs, especially when confronted, tend to turn violent. (Unless it’s a bank robbery, which is almost always a passive encounter). Especially when their identities have been compromised.

    It’s most likely that they reacted badly when they found that they were being robbed. We all think that we’re just going to let people take our things when held at gunpoint, but we don’t always react the way we planned when placed in stressful situations. Including one where they might have underestimated the robbers.

    The robbers probably panicked, since they didn’t expect the couple to be home. They were probably people they knew, or could be easily identified, especially with the maid being easily pinpointed.

    If they were shot while lying face down, it means they are trying very hard to conceal their identity, and didn’t want them to see their deaths. If they were shot multiple times, the robbers just wanted to make sure they were dead. If you’re not planning to kill, you don’t really shoot for the head in one clean shot. And a shot in other parts of the body might not have killed them as fast they could have hoped.

    Neighbors, unless they were the maids, make bad eye witnesses. It’s easy for them to mistake the two maids, especially if they weren’t really close. It’s the maids who tend to know everything, and the most reliable witness to this point is the one who was left behind. And the story she has says that Criselda is a new maid.

    If this is viable theory, and some people seem to think so, you should keep blogging about it. Or someone should raise the issue to the police. It’s been more than 2 days, and the issue is already dying. Given a few more weeks, and it would be completely out of the limelight.

    The best thing people can do right now, in terms of pushing the issue, is to keep writing about it. Whether you believe this theory or not. They certainly deserve the same consistent drumbeats that family and friends gave missing persons in the States. If it were constantly kept in people’s minds, there’s a bigger chance the police will pursue this lead, whether or not the government is involved.

    But as it is, they will mostly likely stay on the lead they have, because a) they haven’t found Criselda yet, which means they haven’t exhausted the issue, and b) they’re just stretched way too thin, and with very little resources in criminalistics.

    So keep writing. For people who gave so much, they shouldn’t be quickly forgotten.

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