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So, it’s like this. You chanced upon a very beautiful 18 year old and plucked her out of poverty. You made her your girl. She gives you five kids. And while you’re away, gallivanting and enjoying the perks of illegal wealth, you then chanced her with a young stud. You suddenly went on a rampage. You kicked her, threw jabs on her body and punched her all blue in the face.

And then, you then accused her of inventing things, destroying her reputation and accusing her of being a sex maniac. Or, a gold digging sex maniac.

Then you defend yourself saying that it was all in defense of honor.

Crap. But that’s just Chavit-ism.

Deputy intelligence chief Chavit Singson is on an offensive, accusing his former common-law wife, Che Tiongson of indiscretions. Singson just beat the crap out of Che after reportedly seeing her with another man, a certain Richard Cardel (?). Before this, says Chavit, celebrity Ogie Domingo, son of Atty. Rod Domingo, had a relationship with Che. Ogie can’t defend himself because he’s now in the States. His father though, promised that his son would explain this publicly as soon as he arrives.

So, for Chavit, it’s right to beat a woman because you caught her with another man. Under the law, Chavit does not have the right nor any honor to defend because she’s simply not his. Che is not the wife of Chavit. And even if she’s the wife, that’s not the right thing to do.

What Chavit is saying is simply this—if she is his wife, he would have probably killed her. He probably thought that he’ll be exempted from criminal liability if he kills her and her lover.

But, the fact is, she’s not his wife.

But, I sensed something a-miss in this. Che charges him of violating a legislation, a weak case, since she could have charged Chavit with a graver offense, that of physical injuries. Since she’s not anymore living with him, Che has every right to treat this incident as violence against her committed by a third party.

Che Tiongson also has the right to even charge Chavit of libel and oral defamation, things which could worsen the situation of Chavit. Like any other woman, Che would probably not do that, simply because for her, this is a crusade which goes beyond herself.

And like other celebrated cases, this one will go the way its supposed to go—settlement. A big one. Gabriela will squeeze every publicity juice from it while, eventually, or probably, Che will get a huge amount of settlement from this. Or, if they’re really very serious, then, this will probably go down with Chavit behind bars. So much for wishful thinking.


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