ChizNation and Apokalipto

September 5, 2009 § 1 Comment

I saw that “Apokalipto”, the teaser ad of Chiz Escudero. And frankly, I think one needs to caution Chiz for actually placing this ad on the commercial media route. It might not be the best ad for him.

First, it uses so much Bagong Katipunan stuff that people, especially those between the 21-34 voting age, would never understand. Second, it smacks of “messiah-ship” which can be misinterpreted by some to be an attempt to hide the inexperience of Chiz. Third, it’s too dark, and too cartoonish, again, open to misinterpretation that Chiz is trivializing the current situation.

Also, I really doubt if Chiz was properly counseled on the use of the word or term “apokalipto”. That term is bad. If you’re a serious religious freak or someone who knows the arcane-ish, you’ll know that using this term is “bad”, simply because it has a lot of religious baggage attached to it. Apokalipto is a Tagalog term of aplocalyse or the end of the world. The ad plays the term without regard to its religious effects or interpretation and this could also be misinterpreted again by some to be of a messianic ad. Or, that Chiz bears a messianic streak, not fit for the presidency.

And why the use of a kid? And giving her the K torch? Again, that’s too cliche. If Chiz wants to be relevant, he should have passed the torch to the present generation, implying that the onus or transformative politics lies in the present, not the successor generation. That, by itself, is wrong messaging.

And the ad seems too padyak-ish. It reminds one of the infomercials that plunged Mar Roxas’ ratings. I hate to say it, but Chiz should not show this in public. Just relegate it to YouTube.

Chiz should take the cue from Alan Peter Cayetano’s TVC or even Antonio Trillianes ad. Direct to the point. No cluttered messaging. And no bull shitting. Pinoys hate it when they’re being bull-shitted.


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