Aboitiz still operating despite Government Order

September 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

superferry9The government just ordered the Aboitiz Group of Companies which operates the Superferry line to suspend their operations pending investigation of the tragic sinking of their Superferry 9. Superferry continues to accept reservations and they still sell tickets.

So, what happened to that Marina order for them to cease operations? Wala lang? Just because they’re very influential with the powers-that-be and that means with the Arroyos, they can defy legitimate government orders such as these.

These Superferries have been involved in previous tragic sinkings before, and yet the government

Ang kapal naman ng mukha ng mga Aboitiz.

And I do understand why they behave this way—they’re not Filipinos. They don’t care if Filipinos die due to their ineptitude. They don’t care if their ships sink and hundreds of Pinoys are killed in the process. They don’t love Filipinos because they’re Spaniards.

In due time, these people will get the wrath of the people. It’s all a matter of time.


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