Noynoy’s Girl Shalani Soledad cause of Pauleen Luna-Win Gatchalian breakup?

September 14, 2009 § 10 Comments

shalanisoledad2Is it true that Shalani Soledad, the fiance of Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III (who is running for the presidency) was the real cause of the break up between GMA 7 and Eat Bulaga mainstay Pauleen Luna and Valenzuela Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian?

And it seems, based on the blog entry over at Filipino News Network ( that Shalani Soledad has, reportedly, some skeletons in her closet.

First, we found out that during Shalani’s stint as the front desk officer of a hotel, she became the “apple of the eye” so to speak of some politicians, whom, as some hotel insiders who know her said became “her boyfriend”. Reportedly, these politicians showered Shalani with gifts while the young and comely girl reciprocated with her charming “gifts” in return.

To be fair to her, Shalani kept boyfriends who are out of the political limelight. Two of her classmates, say that when she was studying at St. Benilde, she had at least three boyfriends.

pauleenlunaNow, let me be very up front—I have nothing against Shalani. I don’t know her. I have not seen her personally.  I don’t care about her relationship with Noynoy nor do I care about her manners or character. I don’t know her and this is based just on research.

Moving on. When Shalani worked for Governor Leandro Verceles, there were rumours that she was reportedly the governor’s most favorite staffer. There were incidents, according to some government employees, linking Verceles with Shalani…romantically. That ended when Shalani worked as the Executive Staff of Senator Ping Lacson and where Shalani met Noynoy Aquino. And that also explains, as some people from the capitolyo said, why Shalani only worked for Verceles for about a year only.

Some say that Aquino and Senator Ping contributed to the electoral victory of Shalani as the Number one councilor of Valenzuela. She started as a councilor under the slate of Mayor Guni and won. The last elections however, Valenzuela residents said that Shalani reportedly “sold her soul” to Win Gatchalian, the incumbent mayor of the city for ” millions in campaign contributions”. She won as the number one councilor and talk has it that she’s gunning for a Congressional seat.

There’s also nasty talk that Shalani, again according to some residents of Valenzuela, had an affair with Valenzuela mayor Sherwin Gatchalian. I tried to validate this but it seems that this is more of tsismis rather than fact. Even before Shalani entered politics, she already was the fiance of Noynoy, so it is impossible that she kept another relationship. Besides, Gatchalian’s known girlfriend was Eat Bulaga’s mainstay Pauleen Luna.

But, talks are ready getting louder and some Valenzuela residents say the reason why Luna and Gatchalian broke up was because of a third party and that’s—-Shalani Soledad.

Pauleen threw a supposed “jealous fit” when she got the information that her boyfriend, Valenzuela mayor Win Gatchalian had “dates” with Shalani. There is no other info after this.

That explains the reluctance of Shalani to grant journalists interviews because, as some Valenzuela residents again allege, there’s a chance of media “discovering” things about her.

Are these true? Based on research, these are verifiable information from numerous sources. Again, this is not political mudslinging since this, I believe, will not impact on the presidential campaign of Senator Noynoy Aquino. But, then, again…


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§ 10 Responses to Noynoy’s Girl Shalani Soledad cause of Pauleen Luna-Win Gatchalian breakup?

  • ricra says:

    I dont know her but people have no rights to defame her or anyone for that matter. Why have we acquired this bad trait? t is not in our culture. Let them be. They look like a nice and decent couple. If you have nothing material to do pray God to bless this Couple.

    • ricro says:

      If you become a public figure, people will always have the right to scrutinize or criticize or even praise you. If you keep yourself private, then people will have no right to invade your privacy. Lani made her life public by getting involve in politics, she opened herself to barrage of criticism.

  • iska says:

    your’e absolutely correct RICKRO… i agree of what you’ve said here! kung gusto nya maging private ang buhay nya at para di sya pag usapan ng mga tao, dapat di sya pumasok sa politika at hindi sya nagpa exposed sa media at TV. kasalanan nya yan kaya tuloy naungkat ang buhay nya.

    • iya says:

      i think the councilor wants to appear mysterious so that people will crave for her presence. see the result? she doesnt want to be interviewed, but she wants media to run after her. with regard to the rumors, “walang usok kung walang apoy”.

  • iska says:

    your’e absolutely correct iya…kung walang usaok walang apoy. that’s right!

  • badtrip says:

    ok lang yan d naman pamilyado si noynoy

  • Taga-Baras-Catanduanes says:


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  • nika says:

    mga ingot

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    wla kayong magawa? sarili nyo isipin nyo! comment kayo kung sa tingin nyo wala kayong tinatago:(

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