RG Cruz should have moderated comments (part 2)

September 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

On this brewing controversy between Korina Sanchez and RG Cruz, many people think that the core issue is rights. For me, this is simply an issue where one lost respect over the other.

RG Cruz, the reporter, lost his sense of decency and respect to Korina. Korina should not have involved management in her row with RG. It was simply between her and RG, her colleague over at ABS-CBN Channel 2.

But, if you look at it closely, RG started it by disrespecting Korina. In what way?

RG was commenting over at cyberspace, using a popular platform which he knows full well would reach thousands in just a few seconds. I recognize that it was his right to express himself and Korina was wrong in commenting about that right.

What happened was lack of respect, which is BEYOND the rights issue. RG disrespected a colleague. He should have moderated his comments, knowing that he works at the same company as Korina.

RG was commenting over at Facebook, a public platform. In a way, RG was irresponsible, putting forth those comments without regard to Korina’s feelings. As I said in part 1, maybe RG Cruz enjoyed using Facebook so much that he just threw caution to the wind and let all his feelings out in just one burst. He forgot that he is a public personality always with a responsibility of tempering himself for the sake of “team kapamilya”.

IN that regard, Korina is right in calling the attention of management. But, again, I maintain my earlier position that Korina should have sat down with RG Cruz first, before writing that letter.


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