Crime accessory as fashion? Come on Marc Jacobs!

September 18, 2009 § Leave a comment

Tim_GarciaSince when did an electronic device worn by criminals become a fashion statement? And what’s so ingenious with this ankle bracelet by Marc Jacobs? I don’t find it fashionable. In fact, it’s a freakin corny concept, even cheap.

Picture yourself wearing one and you’ll puke. It’s like a wallet in your ankle. Let me correct myself–a bulky wallet down there. Fashion should be utilitarian at best. What’s so utilitarian and so cool with an ankle wallet?

Just because Marc Jacob’s publicist is an accessory to a crime of malversation committed by his own father, Marc Jacobs would allow his company to be used to “glamorize” crime?

What’s so fashionable with crime  by the way? Is Marc Jacobs saying that being a criminal or an accessory to stealing is glamorous? Talk to the hand, Marc Jacobs!

Will it make Marc Jacobs’ clothes famous by saying that its publicist, Tim Garcia, the homosexual son of a tough Philippine Major General embroiled in a controversial US$ 6.7 million theft of other’s people’s monies, is involved in conceptualizing this accessory fit only for criminals? What are they saying–that Marc Jacobs clothes are only for those with criminal mindsets?

Better if its publicist is being accused of mauling someone or violated traffic rules or what, but being an accessory to big-time stealing is no big-time fashion statement.

At best, it’s a cheap shot at publicity. And nobody’s biting, Marc Jacobs. In fact, everybody’s appalled why you let yourself be taken in by somebody who does not know fashion. Probably, Marc Jacobs’ clothes sales are down, that’s why they need somebody like Tim Garcia to raise the bar a little bit. Instead of creating delicious buzz, Tim Garcia is actually wrecking the very reputation and good image of Marc Jacobs. Hope that Marc wakes up one day and realizes that it’s time to create something really worth our money, not junk. This Tim Garcia inspired creation is a downer.


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