ZTE-NBN deal–don’t forget because Dick Gordon wants us to

September 21, 2009 § 2 Comments

Two years ago, a businessman by the name of Joey de Venecia III went out of his comfort zone and exposed the greatest scam engineered by Mrs. Arroyo and her lackeys. The ZTE-NBN deal is a multi-billion dollar deal which was cooked up by the DOTC and the First Gentleman’s Group. They wanted to improve the I.T. infrastructure of the Philippines by handing over control of the project to the Chinese. Such a sensitive project handled by a foreign entity.

The Sandiganbayan already charged ex-COMELEC chair Benjamin Abalos and former NEDA secretary-General of violating the graft laws of the country but Senator Richard Gordon of the Blue ribbon committee wants to amend the charge sheet to include whistleblowers Joey de Venecia III, his father Joe and Jun Lozada. Why, only Gordon knows. But I know the reason. Later I will expose the deal between Malacanang and Gordon.

Anyway, this is the first time in human history that the whistleblowers will be the ones charged for exposing a stinking deal such as the ZTE-NBN. Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, ex-chair of the Senate blue ribbon committee, says that the deal goes up to Malacanang. However, Dick Gordon wants us to believe that it does not, and instead, did a diversionary tactic by ascribing blame to JOey de Venecia III.

Dick Gordon is muddling the issue to protect the First Couple.

Dick Gordon wants to reprise his successful demolition of the Joc-Joc Bolante case with that of the ZTE-NBN deal. Dick succeeded in his handling of the Bolante case. He thought that we have short memories. He thought that we already forgot the deal. No suree!

Gordon wants to do the same thing with the ZTE-NBN deal, the greatest scam of the century. Well, I took the liberty of uploading the famous ZTE-NBN scam videos here to remind everyone of this. Dick and his online publicists should be forewarned—-the Filipino people do not have short memories.


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