People Power Coalition (PPC) emerges from Noynoy-Mar Tandem

September 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

Cory die-hards forming People Power Coalition with Noynoy-Mar

Cory die-hards forming People Power Coalition with Noynoy-Mar

Liberal party president Mar Roxas just accepted the vice presidential nomination. The LP says their slate is already complete, though, they have not announced their senatorial slate. Talks are getting stronger that LP has decided to break out of its monolithic structure and merge with other organizations to form the People Power Coalition (PPC). If you remember, the PPC is the political machinery which powered most of the Cory Aquino anointed senators to victory in the first senatorial elections after EDSA 1.

This explains why former Cory die-hards which includes Foreign Affairs secretary Alberto Romulo are leaving the administration to formally unite behind Noynoy Aquino. A revival of the PPC will break most of the present political configurations since almost all parties have Cory Aquino die-hards in them. A revival of the PPC would surely break most of the traditional parties, and that includes Palaka.

The Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) has suspended their formal announcement of their pairings. A source says the NPC planned to announce a Chiz Escudero-Loren Legarda pairing this September 23rd but changed their minds and suspended their announcement indefinitely. Are they preparing for a coalition or merger with another party?

In the past, Escudero has been saying that NPC will not coalesce with the administration party. However, talks are rife that the administration party Lakas-KAMPI CMD is “breaking” and should it really break, members would either stay with a Gibo Teodoro-led party OR jump ship and cross over the NPC or Nacionalista party.

Some say that the 49 or so Lakas members aligned with the faction of former speaker Joe de Venecia Jr. has committed themselves to the Nacionalista. There is, however, a new development. Most believe that JDV will, instead, go to Noynoy’s party and form what others term as a “People’s Power Coalition.” Should JDV really break out formally from PALAKA, the administration party would definitely be cut in half. A Lakas-CMD less Palaka leaves only Kampi in the picture.

That leaves Gibo Teodoro’s campaign in jeopardy since Kampi would either stay with its decision to field Gibo or not endorse anybody and instead coalesce with a bigger and stronger political party.

Sources say, this opens the possibility of Kampi joining the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) of Danding Cojuangco. That opens the possibility of Gibo just settling for a senatorial run than a presidential one.

Now, what happens then to the Nacionalista Party of Manny Villar and the United Opposition (UNO) of former president Joseph Erap Estrada. Both faces formidable challenges, especially since both Erap and Villar are now being accused of crimes, Villar for the C-5 road controversy and Erap, of complicity in the Dacer-Corbito double murder case. Erap said that nothing will stop his candidacy, same words coming from Villar.

Villar still tops the ratings while Erap’s ratings are showing signs of inconsistency. If talks fail between the Noynoy Aquino camps and the UNO’s, chances are that Erap will decide not to continue his campaign and instead, coalesce with Villar’s Nacionalista. That solves Villar’s problem which is looking for a suitable running mate. A Villar-Jinggoy Estrada is now a strong possibility.


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