Ate Vi to run as Vice President?

September 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

Ate Vi--running as PALAKA vice president?

Ate Vi--running as PALAKA vice president?

Certain sectors want Batangas Governor Vilma ” Ate Vi” Santos to run as vice president of PALAKA presidential bet Gilbert Gibo Teodoro, leaving Ronnie Puno, who was proclaimed veepee bet , in a quandary.

What is happening within his own party? Where are these talks coming from?

That’s why Ronnie Puno called for a hasty press con late afternoon yesterday. That press con was a defensive gesture on the part of Puno, fueling even more speculations that there are, indeed, Lakas-Kampi partymembers critical of his political ambitions.

Ate Vi has said time and again, that she is not running. However, the political situation is still very fluid. Anything can happen. If Vilma throws her hat unto the political ring, that would surely muddle the political pond.

That would frustrate the political ambitions of Liberal Party (LP) Vice presidential bet Mar Roxas, who is, by far, the strongest VP candidate. A Vilma Santos run could wreck the Roxas train. And most probably, that is what Lakas-KAMPI CMD members are thinking—throw Vilma Santos unto the game and let Roxas scrump the scraps.

Sources say, Ronnie is also thinking of his political options, possibly going to the camp of former president Joseph Estrada. Puno’s statement yesterday saying that Erap is eligible to run ran counter to official Palace statements.

Is Puno thinking of deserting the very party he founded? Abangan!


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