Ondoy Update: 86 dead, 32 Missing, Half a Million Affected

September 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

As of today, the casualty toll from the onslaught of Typhoon Ondoy has reached 86 dead, with still 32 missing. This is not the final count. More information are pouring in from the provinces affected and authorities fear that this will still rise as the days pass.

Half a million Filipinos were also affected, with an unestimated number of establishments and properties damaged. From this number, only 204 families are staying in evacuation centers. This just says that many more are still there, in their rooftops, waiting, waiting for rescue.

The government, says Defense secretary Gilbert Teodoro, is doing their level best addressing the situation. Yet, this calamity is so huge, with CNN saying that this is about three times worst than Hurricane Katrina, that government will surely lack the personnel to use for rescue and relief operations. What is not good is that another LPA (Low pressure area) named Typhoon Peping is poised to hit Luzon three days from now. Rains have not yet subsided, especially in affected areas.

Young Organizers’ Union members and I went out of our comfort zones to help our kababayans. We saw how inadequate government resources are and we are also doing our best to assist those who are still in need. There are still many families needing our assistance, especially in Pasig where almost 75% of the city are submerged in muddy water.

Fellow Filipinos, our kababayans need our help. Please lend your support. In whatever way possible, please give assistance to our fellowmen, especially those with babies who need infant formula, those who are aged and those who already lost their loved ones. Pray for them. Best, try to help by contributing even a peso or ten pesos for them. We will survive this calamity together, if we all unite.

To Young Organizers’ Union (YOU) members, your country salute you. Do not relent. Do not be wary. Do not tire. Sacrifice your life for your fellowmen and die trying.


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