2012 and the End Times

October 7, 2009 § 1 Comment

Mayan calendar

Mayan calendar

Earthquakes in Indonesia. Tsunami in Samoa. Strong typhoons in Philippines and Taiwan. Volcanoes erupting and snow in deserts.

Signs of the end times? Maybe. Most of us think that “the end time is at hand” especially those who believe in Christianity. The Book of Revelations is filled with end time prophecies and imagery which points to no specific date on the end of our times but is definite that it will happen.

The Mayan calendar predicts a new cycle by December 21, 2012. According to this calendar, will occur in that date. Uncanny since even scientists and astronomers agree. That date, says astronomers and scientists point to a solar maximum–when solar activity becomes more intense.

Intense solar activity in the past led to disasters. The last solar activity, which was dated to have occurred on December 21, 651 b.c. caused the destruction of human, plant and animal life. Yet, after this, life began again.

The Mayans say that the poles will shift. I believe that because it’s entirely possible. Earthquakes will happen. I also believe that because a change in poles will surely cause monumental disasters.

Now, how to avert this? We can’t. Human technology is still not sufficient to even answer basic questions about life, less prevent disasters from happening. If we believe in the afterlife, nothing harmful naman if we strongly hold on to it.


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  • 3woes says:

    Would you be interested to know that the ancient writings “Revelation of Jesus Christ” and “Daniel” have been opened and reveal that the LORD returns in October 2011?
    If this is not important to you then please disregard the friendly memo.

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