Moon blasting–and terraforming a Lunar spa

October 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

Satellite image of crater impact in the moon

Satellite image of crater impact in the moon

NASA just did the unthinkable (if you are to ask a 19th century guy)—they just blasted the moon’s surface with a Centaur rocket. Scientists want to know if there is really water down there, so they funded this LCROSS mission with US$ 79 million and launched it last 18 June from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The mission is simple—fire a rocket at a precise spot in the moon’s South pole and create a plume of moon dust. A device will capture some data from a plume and analyze if there are water vapor or even ice particles from the plume.

Yesterday, they did it–an historic event if you may ask me–since that is the first time somebody blasted someone’s planet (if, as some surmise, there are still creatures, microscopic ones, living in the moon’s arid surface).

NASA said it would take some weeks before they get some definitive evidence of water existing beneath the lunar surface. What it means, if they do discover water, is it will boost proposals for human habitation on the moon. So, what scientists want is for humans to live at the Southernmost point of the moon and for what?

Is the earth not enough for 8 billion people?

Or, maybe scientists want their own lunar spa? Are we seeing travel agencies offering trips to the lunar alps soon? Or, a dip into the icy waters underneath the moon’s surface?

Or, probably, discover a living underground world in the moon? Or, maybe, this is the first of many attempts by NASA to create their own subdivision in the moon? Imagine how expensive such real estate be?

Just think about it—you living on the moon with your friends here on earth, using their high powered telescopes just to see you.

Extra terrestial terraforming in the works? Probably. Next stop—blasting Mars for Martians.


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