Using Science for Humanity

October 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

moonexplorationIf you read my sarcastic entry on NASA’s bombing the moon, you’ll get to ask–why criticize something humans consider monumental? Frankly, what’s so monumental or even exciting about finding water on the moon where we have billions or even trillions of tons of water here? The US Geologic Survey says there is roughly 326 million cubic miles of water covering 72 percent of the earth. Quite a lot, not to mention that there is more water underground also.

So, was that US$ 79 million spent for bombing the moon’s surface with a Centaur rocket nothing but lunar air? No. There is still some use for that, maybe in the future.

Artist rendition of yesterday's moon blasting

Artist rendition of yesterday's moon blasting

What I am more concerned is how we use science or our scientific knowledge about the universe. Why are we so fascinated with what’s happening “up there”, when there are more exciting things happening “down here.” I mean, solving global warming and creating devices to control those strong storms are, for me, worth every cent than blasting the lunar surface looking for water.

Is there not enough data to solve nature’s mysteries here that we need to look elsewhere for answers?

There are still so many things left to discover on earth, but we put greater emphasis on space exploration and worst, using monies supposed to benefit the people?

During the Cold War, space exploration was all about breast-beating and competition. The space race was about fuelling egos. Now that we’re all living in a globalized world, science should at least serve the needs and concerns of people down here. We have tons of problems to solve here that science would surely be a very good tool to use.

Blasting a spot on the moon, great! Or maybe, we are just being fooled by NASA?

That this experiment of sending a rocket in outer space has military uses which they are wont to tell us? That this is not in the name of astronomy or terraforming; rather knowledge on how we can wage a war against fellow humans or war against extraterrestials?


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