Who strafed Neri’s house?

October 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

” I have no enemies. I don’t know of anyone being angry with me.”

Romulo Neri

Romulo Neri

This is a quote from SSS president Romulo Neri, shortly after ten men strafed his house in Barangay Sto. Domingo, Quezon City. Neri was visibly shaken after seeing about 150 bullet holes in his house, at his van, and his gate. He should probably consider relocating to another house. Traumatic to see all those bullet holes everyday. It reminds you always of the incident. 

Is it really true that Neri does not have enemies?

Well, more than a million Filipinos went ballistic when Neri, then NEDA head, refused to give other juicy details about the ZTE-NBN deal. Neri got the ire of the public when he closed his pursed lips in that one. That is one angle being closely investigated by the police led by NCRPO Chief Roberto Rosales. Why?

gloriaarroyo1Day before the incident, Neri received numerous text messages encouraging him to “be a man” and tell everything he knows about the president’s involvement in the deal. Loyal as he is, Neri refused. And for good reason.

Who wants to be the enemy of former PNP chief and now DOTC secretary Leandro Mendoza? No one perhaps. Billions of pesos are at stake at the DOTC.

Remember that former COMELEC chair Benjamin Abalos once threatened Jun Lozada and even Joey de Venecia III of harm if they cross him. They already did. And look what happened to Jun? Will that be the same case with Neri?

Anyway, police are also looking at the destab angle, which, obviously, is unlikely. There are no reports of any group planning to unseat PGMA and for good reason. These groups do not have to lift a finger to be able to oust PGMA. Mother Nature already did that for them. In the next few weeks, this government will suffer the brunt of public anger because of its bungled job of rescuing and saving them from disasters. The expected food shortage will be acute to the point that the people themselves will go out on the streets to oust PGMA, like what happened to Marie Antoinette. Destab groups do not need to waste 100 or so bullets just to create a scenario.

I have a hunch that this is the handiwork of a general who has an interest in the ZTE-NBN deal and still maintains a very strong influence in the security establishment. It was just a scare tactic. And it took Neri’s attention. Imagine, Neri being fired upon while taking a shower. Who will not stand up in attention?


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