Pick a Leader

October 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

Pick your best bet for president.

alleged Noynoy posters in Pampanga

alleged Noynoy posters in Pampanga

Allowing your over enthusiastic supporters in a typhoon-ravaged province to put up campaign tarps at the height of Typhoon Pepeng….

while you bask in the glory of people shouting your name in Iloilo…

and even went out on a limb to visit and talk politics with a discredited leader in Mindanao while thousands got stranded in Metro Manila, thousands wail in the North and thousands still lost their homes and lives due to those twin wraths of Nature.


Villar--obvious ba na tinutulungan ko kayo?

Villar--obvious ba na tinutulungan ko kayo?



You come and help yes, but with a clincher…those distressed and poor people need to know that you’re helping them get out of their misery….

It’s like the controversial C-5 road controversy….forgive me if I got compensated for this but it eases traffic in your place anyway…that’s why it’s expensive….

villar relief packand now this…forgive me if my name and my face appears on every relief good that I sent to you…it just to remind you that I am helping you in your time of need. And obviously, don’t forget to vote for me when I need you, okey…

this is just a pack of noodles…you need water to eat it….

I’m like noodles…” No artificial preservatives added”


or this…

mansion house evacuees 2geesh, people are getting angrier by the minute because I just spent their 800 million pesos travelling around the world…eating at fancy restaurants…hob-nobbing with royalty…while the DSWD doubles their time looking for someone to donate relief goods…

and now, after pressuring some businessmen to give out something, no one is asking for it.

Need to haul the pala brigade.

mansion house evacuees 1Yep, there are Maranaos in the area. A photo op giving them goods would be nice. I’ll ask the PMA to give them a ride.

Yep, good that I am serving the People with the best available relief goods for them. This is nothing. All part of work. Imagine, doing this for nine years already. I’m tired. I want out, but they don’t want me, you know, those generals. They still think I am good for another ten more years. Sheesh! More travelling, I guess.

So, sino ang naiba?


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