Ayala Malls should fire its PR

October 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

Whoever acts or serves as Ayala Mall’s crisis consultant should be fired from his job especially if he’s being assisted by an incompetent foreigner pretending to be knowledgeable in marketing and crisis public relations when he’s just a guy himself involved in a case in the states. And I am just telling it like it is.

Imagine, allowing the company security agency to defend itself against attacks by the PNP? Allowing the head of ALI’ security to answer impertinent challenges from the national police is proof positive of the amateurish way ALI’s crisis team is handling this. In a crisis situation, there should only be ONE SOURCE of all company information and statement.

When Ayala Mall allowed its security agency to answer these charges and accusations, it speaks volumes to the public. It just means that Ayala is feeding its partner to the dogs. Ayala wants to protect its hide at the expense of its security partner.

This is not the way Ayala should be positioned.

Maybe the action stems from a desire to say that Ayala Malls has a policy of protecting its shoppers more than its retailers? Or that Ayala Malls are safe because its security agency followed security protocols to the letter? Not quite clear right?

Engaging the police in a verbal argument or trying to divert the attention through finger pointing would not save the day for Ayala Malls. The best way to handle such a crisis like this should be two pronged: neutralize negative statements over the media by superbly handling media relations AND launching events. That would significantly ease or calm the frayed nerves of the public, particularly its shoppers. Ayala Mall’s should concentrate on creating events to show that “its business as usual”, instead of engaging authorities in a useless public debate.


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