Balloon Boy Publicity bubble burst by sheriff

October 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

Balloon boy with his father Richard Heene who now faces a felony

Balloon boy with his father Richard Heene who now faces a felony

Larimer country sheriff Jim Alderden is a mean s.o.b. He wants his steak rare and his TV shows real. That’s why when he got a frantic report coming from Richard Heene, asking for help when his 6-year old son Falcon got caught inside a flying saucer like helium balloon, the sheriff dispatched everything he got, including of course, television crews. The world watched as the metallic-colored balloon reached the skies. The balloon headed south shortly after the helium worn off. Rescuers frantically looked around only to be told by Heene and his wife Mayumi that Falcon was actually just hiding in the attic, waiting for the balloon to crash to tell his story.

Talk about bursting one’s bubble, this one is for the books.

America, obviously, got hooked, was spooked and now, Jim says everyone got spoofed. The tough sheriff of Larimer country in the State of Colorado has evidence that points to a conspiracy by the Heenes to get everybody on a helium-powered balloon ride. Tough luck—the helium wears off after just a few days. And America found itself dazed with the gas.

The sheriff wants the Heenes arrested on four felony counts—conspiracy to create a bogus rescue attempt, filing a fake police report, conspiring to make a delinquent out of the kids under their care and trying to influence a public official. Net—the sheriff and the rest of America want the Heenes to pay for all those publicity-seeking statements they did over at CNN and with Matt Lauer.

Alderden says the Heenes did it to land that reality TV contract. They’re actors trying to land a gig. And what a way to do that.

It could have been a success, this hoax, if only the Heenes thought of doing it not at a time when everyone’s depressed over the economy and with Obama getting that Nobel peace prize. The timing was just off. America does not need another hoax. Everyone’s tired of hearing that hoax about US troops defeating those terrorists over at Afghanistan and Iraq. Or, that one with Obama saying that “hope is just around the corner” when everyone still tries to get a job or most, if not all Americans are still agonizing over how to pay those loans and housing amortizations.

That leads us to a lesson, which I hope the Heenes’ realized before they did this wonderful, worldwide attention seeking stunt—leave the publicity to the publicists and acting to actors. If you’re not both, then, just stay home and just convince UFOlogists that E.T.s exist. That, surely, will land you a gig without felony charges.


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