Greenbelt 5 robbery—An Attack Against Ayala or Plain Robbery?

October 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

Greenbelt 5 robbery incident

Greenbelt 5 robbery incident

The recent shootout between authorities and six heavily armed robbers in Greenbelt 5 poses more questions aside from the lapse of security. Was it just coincidental that the robbery happened days before the two-year commemoration of the Glorietta blast incident (October 19, 2009 marks the two year commemoration of the event)? Either Mr. Ayala has unknown enemies trying to wreck havoc against his establishments (meaning, trying to impress upon the public that it is unsafe for anyone to go to any Ayala mall) or there’s a group, fool hardy at best, trying to sow fear and terrorism.

Whoever those robbers were, police can definitely solve this case as easy as counting 1-2-3 by just probing known associates of the one killed during the firefight. The dead can still tell tales.

This poses another question—why stage a robbery in full daylight in an establishment which is heavily secured? I mean, reports say the robbers only took off 6 million pesos worth of Tudor watches. Why not rob a bank in a more unsecured place? Why Greenbelt in Makati? Is there a reason other than robbery behind this incident?

Three angles:

1. This robbery is a daring-do ops conducted by highly professional yet incompetent individuals, probably ex-military or ex-cops.

2. This is part of humiliating Ayala and trying to depress its sales. Christmas is just around the corner. Two years ago, Ayala suffered its worst sales after the Glorietta blast incident. Competition against mall developers are intensifying, what with the Sys involved in frenetic mall development. Malls are sprouting like mushrooms all over the metropolis. Like in the retail business, where food product manufacturers ask their merchandisers to destroy canned goods of their competitors, it would not hurt if someone, a competitor, does the same against the no. 1 mall developer in the country?

3. A politically-motivated incident meant to humiliate and embarass either the government or the camp of Makati mayor Jejomar Binay (who is running under Estrada as vice presidential bet). The incident is beyond coincidental. The timing demands suspicion. The incident can be viewed as a direct affront not just to Binay but also against NCRPO Director Roberto Rosales who is being groomed by Arroyo to be the next PNP chief.

Lastly, whoever did this foolish robbery I say this—time is running out. Give back the Tudor.


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