Crumbling Administration party: 4-way runup for the presidential nomination

October 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

ebdanevisittojasTourism secretary Joseph “Ace” Durano will not be running under Lakas-KAMPI, the administration party. Instead, he will run under the Nationalist People’s Coalition. Ronnie Puno just withdrew from the vice presidential race, while there is no guarantee if Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro really will be the administration party since DPWH secretary Hermogenes Ebdane Jr. just resigned from his post to contest him on November 12. Ebdane’s ads are being heard and seen all over town and many think that this is just posturing for a senatorial or a Congressional post. However, close associates of Ebdane says that what Ebdane wants is the presidency no less.

With Ebdane in the picture, the administration party now sees three or even four contenders for the party nomination: Gibo, Bayani Fernando (who remains optimistic even at 1% rating), Richard Gordon and Ebdane. There is a chance for Ebdane to even clinch the vice presidential nomination, if he so desires, since Puno already withdrew. A split within the so-called “monolithic party” is in the offing.

Ebdane is actually a wild card, an obvious kicker candidate released by forces opposed to Teodoro as Lakas-Kampi candidate. Sources say, the First Gentleman was the one who threw a monkey wrench in the entire thing with this Ebdane adventure, proving once more what PinoyObserver wrote a few months ago that the Arroyos hate Teodoro’s guts.


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