Loren Legarda: At last, someone with a platform

October 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

Lingkod Loren

Lingkod Loren

Loren Legarda, whom everybody thought as a weak candidate, got my admiration yesterday. Instead of perorating about her past feats as a legislator or her advocacy work, Loren provided us with a six point “Pro-Poor, Pro-People, Pro-God” agenda, which was devoid of all necropolitical imagery nor the self-serving halleluyas of ass-lickers.

At last, a candidate with a platform. We may not agree with what she thinks is the direction to take, but, I, personally, appreciate that Loren took the time to analyze Filipino society and provide the direction for us to take in the next six years (or even ten).

Which leads me to think—Loren, probably, is not just the best for the vice presidency; she deserves the Highest Post, really.

Damn all those who think that gender is a serious election issue. All these men who came before us, and that includes necropolitician Noynoy Aquino,  did not even care to provide us with their visions. They only expressed their self-serving dreams, but nary anything about service or a road-map towards rehabilitating our damaged institutions.

Loren was brave enough to provide us with her six-point agenda, opening herself up to brickbats later on, but at least, a platform by which we will then use to measure her competence and performance. For some, maybe, presenting your platform this early is perceived to be a political death trap. For a trapo-nian mind, with a 60’s upbringing, that exposes you to attacks. Never mind, says Loren. It is important to give importance to the People.

Some might even think that Loren is your ordinary political prostitute; but her Luneta speech proved that she is not. Loren has her own mind, acts based on her own analysis and shows a steely political will—all we aspire for for a presidentiable to have.

Not a dilly-dallying teka-teka like Gibo Teodoro, nor a worshipper of dead icons like Noynoy or as gangster-minded like an Erap or a posterboy of Big Business or Big Real Estate Business personified, Loren is presidentiable material.

Now, we can sleep soundly at night, thinking that should Erap win, we now have someone who will ascend the Highest post more competent than him.


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