Desperately seeking No. 2

October 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

Two presidentiables, namely Nacionalista’s Manny Villar and the administration’s bet Gilbert Gibo Teodoro, are desperately looking for a political paramour. Villar said that he’s open to the possibility of former NPC Chiz Escudero as a running mate or that of Loren Legarda. Same with Teodoro. Escudero both rejected the offers of the two gentlemen. Escudero said he cannot team up with Villar as a matter of principle; and while he respects Gibo, he cannot, by conscience, partner with an administration candidate.

So, Escudero, as what he wants to project, is his own man. No one knows what he plans to do. He just reportedly severed his ties with the Cojuangcos. And sure enough, he stands to lose Lucio Tan’s.

The question really is—will these two aspirants settle for a newbie (in the case of Teodoro’s—Vilma Santos or Gwen Garci, err. Gwen Garcia?) or a veteran? If Villar opts for a running mate, that one should be a political heavyweight in the North, since he’s weak there.

It is most critical for these two to have their own running mates. Otherwise, their chances of winning are slim.


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